Below is the list of Pilots that were captured by the enemy and kept as War Prisoners.  Further information relating to the manner of their capture can be found on their individual page.  Where a link is available, click on the pilots last name to go to their individual webpage.  If you wish to view this list by Date of Loss please click here.

For information relating to Pilots that evaded capture, please click here.

Last Name First Name and Initials Rank


Date of Loss
Adamina Robert E. Capt 82nd 14th May 1943
Anderson Edwin B. 2 Lt 82nd 24th February 1945
Brown Charles R. F/O 84th 16th May 1943
Casey James F. 1 Lt 84th 10th June 1944
Clague Robert E. 1 Lt 84th 10th September 1944
Clark Charles R. Capt 82nd 2nd August 1944
Cummings Gene T. F/O 84th 6th August 1944
DeMaagd Kenneth J. 2 Lt 84th 20th January 1945
Dougherty Wayne M. 2 Lt 84th 26th November 1943
Downing Harry L. Maj 84th 19th March 1945
Dunaway Kenneth P. 2 Lt 83rd 1st September 1944
Fee John R. 1 Lt 84th 18th September 1944
Fitzgerald James T. 1 Lt 82nd 8th August 1944
Ford Lester E. 2 Lt 84th 11th July 1944
Genge William H. 2 Lt 82nd 24th May 1944
Grisham Leon M. 1 Lt 84th 3rd February 1945
Hagarty Daniel D. 1 Lt 82nd 12th May 1944
Hamilton Ralph E. 2 Lt 83rd 22nd February 1945
Herrick John 2 Lt 82nd 26th November 1943
Hindersinn Kenneth 2 Lt 83rd 5th January 1944
Hockery John J. Capt 82nd 26th November 1944
Hotchkiss Courtlyn W. 2 Lt 83rd 17th March 1944
Johnson John H. 2 Lt 83rd 22nd February 1944
Juchheim Alvin M. Capt 83rd 28th May 1944
Korsmeyer Williard J. 2 Lt 83rd 31st July 1944
Kuehl Richard I. 2 Lt 83rd 10th April 1945
Lacey John F. 2 Lt 84th 28th August 1944
LaGrange Jack Jr 1 Lt 83rd 15th October 1944
Liebenrood Harold R. F/O 82nd 28th February 1945
Loegering John R. 1 Lt 83rd 18th September 1944
MacDuffie Russell C. 1 Lt 83rd 18th September 1944
Marshall Donald M. 2 Lt 84th 13th June 1943
Martinek Samuel R. F/O 83rd 14th May 1943
McIntosh Robert J. 1 Lt 84th 10th June 1944
McKenney Paul H. 2 Lt 84th 10th September 1944
McNickle Melvin F. Lt Col HQ 30th July 1943
Morrison George W. F/O 82nd 2nd January 1945
Moseley Lonnie L. 2 Lt 84th 4th July 1944
Motsenbocker John D. 1 Lt 83rd 8th May 1944
Newmark Burton J. 2 Lt 84th 21st February 1945
Nieland Elmer K. 1 Lt 83rd 19th March 1945
Olson Leonard S. 1 Lt 83rd 26th February 1945
Orr Ronald C. 2 Lt 82nd 29th February 1944
Orr Ross 1 Lt 84th 1st July 1944


Allen R. 1 Lt 84th 17th January 1945
Pompetti Peter E. 1 Lt 84th 17th March 1944
Powell Everett W. 1 Lt 83rd 4th March 1944
Reeves Thomas N. 2 Lt 84th 19th March 1945
Resseguie Franklin B. 2 Lt 84th 18 October 1943
Rice Hamilton H. 1 Lt 84th 7th June 1944
Rich George III 2 Lt 83rd 6th September 1944
Roberts Donald R. 2 Lt 82nd 13th April 1944
Rosenberg Alvin M. 2 Lt 82nd 17th April 1945
Rosenblum Allen A. 1 Lt 82nd 17th April 1945
Sawall Warren J. 2 Lt 84th 3rd February 1945
Senarens William B. 1 Lt 83rd 3rd February 1945
Snyder Richard C. 1 Lt 82nd 18th September 1944
Spaulding Roger A. 2 Lt 84th 10th April 1945
Spooner Richard H. 1 Lt 84th 15th January 1945
Stark Richard D. 2 Lt 82nd 3rd September 1944
Staub Henry M. 2 Lt 83rd 2nd March 1945
Swauger Fred R. 2 Lt 82nd 16th April 1945


Robert H. 2 Lt 83rd 7th April 1945
Thompson Harry A. 2 Lt 82nd 21st November 1944
Wade John B. 2 Lt 83rd 23rd February 1945
Warren Willard E. 1 Lt 82nd 9th February 1945

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