2Lt Watson R. Gabriel

(Thomas Gabriel)

27 March 1945 to September 1945


83rd Fighter Squadron

Serial No:


Radio Callsign

Cargo 52

Mission History

5 missions


18 April 1945 FO2017a Blue2 HL-Q 44-12158

19 April 1945 FO2024a Yellow2 HL-L 44-11557

20 April 1945 FO2039a Yellow4 HL-L 44-11557

21 April 1945 FO2053a Blue2 HL-L 44-11557

25 April 1945 FO2084a Blue2 HL-W 44-63684


Mission information gives date of action, field order number, flight position, plane reference, plane serial number and plane name (where applicable).

Air Scores


Ground Scores



04 April 1945, Training Flight, Landing Accident at Duxford causing Level 3 damage (repairable by Group).  Plane details: HL-N, 44-11563, The Brat.

Watson was transferred out of the 78th at the end of the war - September 1945.


Photographs below all appear with kind permission of Thomas Gabriel.

Lt. Gabriel with plane

Lt. Gabriel in cockpit

Lt. Gabriel with crew

Lt. Gabriel's crew with plane

Detail of Lt. Gabriel's plane showing ground crew names

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