Below is the list of Pilots that evaded captured by the enemy and made it back home.  Further information relating to the manner of their escape can be found on their individual page.  Where a link is available, click on the pilots last name to go to their individual webpage.

For information relating to Pilots that were made Prisoners of War, please click on the "POW" link to the left.  Pilots and personnel who were killed in action or killed on duty, can be found under the Memorial link on the left.

Last Name First Name and Initials Rank


Date of Loss Date of Return
Conner Richard E. Lt Col 82nd 21st March 1945 10th May 1945
Coss Wilbur J. Capt 82nd 26th August 1944 16th September 1944
Gilbert Olin E. Lt Col HQ 28th August 1944 Within 2 weeks
Graff Warren E. 2 Lt 82nd 30th July 1943 15th November 1943
Grimes Wilbur K. Capt 84th 6th January 1945 ?
Innocenzi Andrew R. 2 Lt 83rd 14th February 1945 22nd March 1945 ?
Johnson Dean C. 1 Lt 83rd 12th March 1945 ?
Kosinski Anthony L. 2 Lt 82nd 11th May 1944 ?
Kuykendall Charles E. 2 Lt 83rd 5th September 1944 ?
McLeod Donald W. Maj 83rd 10th June 1944 1st September 1944
McTaggart Elmer E. Capt 83rd 14th May 1943 21st June 1943
Oldfield Charles S. 1 Lt 84th 25th February 1945 21st April 1945
Peterson James S. 1 Lt 83rd 14th February 1945 22nd March 1945
Ramsey Milton H. 2 Lt 82nd 29th January 1944 21st June 1944
Stearns Paul H. 1 Lt 82nd 17th March 1945 ?
Wilson Mark T. 1 Lt 84th 25th February 1945 21st April 1945

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