1Lt Ernest J. Boehner

(Doris Boehner care of Kelly Mcnichols)

16 December 1944 to 1 March 1945 - KIA


82nd Fighter Squadron

Serial No:


Loss Details

Killed in Action - 1st March 1945 - MACR No: 12811

Lt Richard A. Hewitt reported:
"I was Surtax leader on 1 March 1945.  As planned, we were sweeping northward in the Kassel area, strafing ground targets at about 1445 hrs.  I went down with my #2, Lt Boehner, and strafed a loco in M/Y about 25 miles west of Kassel.  I saw Lt. Boehner hit the loco and intense light flak started coming up at us.  Lt. Boehner called and said he was hit.  I do not know whether he meant he had been hit personally.  I was engaged dodging the flak and it was almost 30 seconds later before I was able to look around and then I saw Lt. Boehner's plane trailing bluish smoke at 500 ft.  The plane went down into some trees and exploded.  I looked for a chute but did not see one.  It is possible Lt. Boehner bailed out between the time he said he was hit and I saw his ship crash, but, if he did, it was at very low altitude."  

Assigned Aircraft

P-51K MX-F 44-11652

Mission History

13 missions - detail unknown

Air Scores


Ground Scores



Born: 8th April 1920


Lt Boehner's Gravestone (Kelly Mcnichols)

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