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Last Name First Name and Initials Rank




Cleon W. Jr. 2 Lt 83rd
Ramsey John C. Capt 82nd
Ramsey Milton H. 2 Lt 82nd
Rauh Robert J. F/O 82nd
Reems Julian Capt 83rd
Reese William H. 1 Lt 83rd
Reeves Thomas N. 2 Lt 84th
Regner Frederick J. 2 Lt 83rd
Resseguie Franklin B. 2 Lt 84th
Riccardo Gennaro 2 Lt 83rd
Rice Hamilton H. 1 Lt 84th
Rich George III 2 Lt 83rd
Richards Hayden E. 1 Lt 82nd
Richie Arthur B. Capt 82nd
Rickett George G. 1 Lt 84th
Roberts Donald R. 2 Lt 82nd
Roberts Eugene P. Lt Col 84th & HQ
Roche Thomas R. Jr. 2 Lt 83rd
Roe Harry L. 1 Lt 82nd
Roff Harry C. 1 Lt 83rd
Rohm Robert F. 1 Lt 83rd
Ronning Robert I. F/O 83rd
Rosenberg Alvin M. 2 Lt 82nd
Rosenblum Allen A. 1 Lt 82nd
Rosengreen Anton A. 1 Lt 84th
Russell Ernest E. 1 Lt 84th
Ryan Frank A. F/O 84th
Ryan Maurice J. 2 Lt 82nd

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