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Last Name First Name and Initials Rank


MacDuffie Russell C. 1 Lt 83rd
Madole William H. 1 Lt 83rd
Maitland George C. 2 Lt 83rd
Malmud Leonard S. 2 Lt 82nd
Marlowe Macie V. 1 Lt 84th
Marshall Donald M. 1 Lt 84th
Marshall Leonard P. Lt Col 82/84 & HQ
Marshall Lloyd Q. 1 Lt 84th
Martinek Samuel R. F/O 83rd
Martinez Manuel S. Capt 82nd
Massa Vincent J. 1 Lt 83rd
Mattern James L. 2 Lt 82nd
Maxwell Julius P. Capt 84th
May William E. Lt Col 82nd & HQ
Mayo Ben I. Lt Col 82nd & 84th
McClellan William M. 1 Lt 84th
McDermott William M. 1 Lt 83rd
McDuffie Duncan M. Capt 83rd
McGuire Allen G. 1 Lt 84th
McIntosh Robert J. 1 Lt 84th
McKenney Paul H. 2 Lt 84th
McLeod Donald W. Maj 83rd
McNickle Melvin F. Lt Col HQ
McTaggart Elmer E. Capt 83rd
Messinger Richard A. 1 Lt 83rd
Miller Austin S. 1 Lt 82nd
Miller Edwin H. Capt 83rd
Miller Jack B. 1 Lt 83rd
Miller Joseph E. Jr. 1 Lt 82nd
Miller Richard I. 2 Lt 82nd
Miller William H. 2 Lt 84th
Milliron Edwin 2 Lt 83rd
Monteith Donald R. 1 Lt 83rd
Montfort James M. 1 Lt 83rd
Moore Kenneth L. 2 Lt 82nd
Moores James E. 1 Lt 84th
Moothart James A. 1 Lt 83rd
Morris Harold J. 1 Lt 82nd
Morrison George W. F/O 82nd
Morsch Donald R. 2 Lt 82nd
Mosely Lonnie L. 2 Lt 84th
Motsenbocker John D. 1 Lt 83rd
Mullins Robert E. 1 Lt 83rd
Mundy Joseph W. F/O 84th
Munson Norman D. Maj 82nd
Murphy John L. 1 Lt 84th
Murray Richard A. 2 Lt 84th
Musgrave Louis R. 1 Lt 84th
Myers Joseph Jr. Lt Col 82nd & HQ
Myler John J. 2 Lt 84th

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