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Last Name First Name and Initials Rank


Lacey John F. 2 Lt 84th
Lacy William O. 2 Lt 82nd
LaGrange Jack Jr 1 Lt 83rd
Laho Robert O. 1 Lt 84th
Lamb Huie H. Jr. 1 Lt 82nd
Lamb John T. 1 Lt 82nd
Landers John D. Col HQ
Lang Ernest S. 1 Lt 84th
Larson Philip R. Capt 84th
Lawhead Douglas A. Capt 83rd
Lay Harry T. Capt 84th
Leach Major C. 1 Lt 83rd
Leatherman Vernon A. Capt 83rd
Ledington Dorian Capt 84th
Lee Morris K. Capt HQ
Lehman Paul H. 1 Lt 82nd
Lentz Norbert G. 1 Lt 84th
Liebenrood Harold R. F/O 82nd
Lockwood Wilburn D. 1 Lt 84th
Loegering John R. 2 Lt 83rd
London Charles P. Capt 83rd
Loyd Daniel T. 2 Lt 84th
Luckey William J. Capt 84th
Ludwig Donald E. 2 Lt 82nd
Lundigan George J. Capt 82nd
Lutz Willis H. 1 Lt 84th
Lyle Charles L. Capt 84th & HQ

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