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Last Name First Name and Initials Rank


Keatley Ivan H. Capt 82nd
Keillor Peter T. Maj 84th
Keller Paul 1 Lt 82nd
Kelly William G. 1 Lt 84th
Keppler Charles N. 1 Lt 84th
Kinsolving James E. 1 Lt 82nd
Kirk John A. 1 Lt 83rd
Kitley Edward T. 1 Lt 83rd
Klaassen Peter W. 1 Lt 83rd
Klein John J. F/O 83rd
Knapp Robert H. 1 Lt 83rd
Kochanek Francis J. 2 Lt 83rd
Kohlman Bertrand L. 2 Lt 82nd & 83rd
Kolb John J. 1 Lt 83rd
Koontz Glenn H. Capt 84th
Korsmeyer Williard J. 2 Lt 83rd
Kosinski Anthony L. 2 Lt 82nd
Kramer Harold W. 1 Lt 84th
Kuehl Richard I. 1 Lt 83rd
Kuehner Richard S. 2 Lt 82nd
Kulik Edward R. Capt 83rd
Kuykendall Charles E. 2 Lt 83rd

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