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Last Name First Name and Initials Rank


Calderbank John J. B. Maj HQ


Severino B. 1 Lt 84th
Caldwell Leon G. 2 Lt 83rd
Calloway Carl E. Capt 84th
Calvin John D. 1 Lt 84th
Campbell Bruce L. 2 Lt 83rd
Campi Louis R. 1 Lt 82nd
Capp Merle R. 1 Lt 82nd & 84th
Carey William J. 2 Lt 83rd
Carroll Edward J. 2 Lt 82nd
Casey James F. 1 Lt 84th
Casey Lawrence R. 1 Lt 82nd & 83rd
Catlin John E. 1 Lt 82nd
Caulfield Peter A. Maj 83rd & HQ
Caviness Roy B. Lt Col HQ
Cedergren John H. 2 Lt 82nd
Chapman William T. 1 Lt 83rd
Charlton Quentin 2 Lt 83rd
Chattaway William P. 1 Lt 82nd
Chavis Wayne M. 2 Lt 84th
Chetwood Kenneth 2 Lt 83rd
Childs John C. 1 Lt 82nd
Chioles Constantine S. Capt 83rd
Chippendale Henry 1 Lt 83rd
Christ Charles M. Lt Col 84th & HQ
Clague Robert E. 1 Lt 84th
Clark Charles R. Capt 82nd
Clark Frank C. Capt 84th
Clark Guy R. 2 Lt 82nd
Clark Lawton E. 2 Lt 84th
Clemons Clark W. 1 Lt 84th
Coffey Charles F. 1 Lt 84th
Coit John H. 2 Lt 84th
Coleman Wayne L. Capt 82nd
Colletti Anthony T. 1 Lt 83rd
Collins John G. 1 Lt 82nd
Collins William M. 1 Lt 84th
Connelly Rueben S. 2 Lt 84th
Conner Richard E. Lt Col 82nd
Cooper James M. Maj 83rd & 84th
Corbett Richard K. 1 Lt 84th
Cormier Ralph E. 1 Lt 83rd
Coss Wilbur J. Jr. Capt 82nd
Covelle Lloyd K. Capt 84th
Cox Robert W. 2 Lt 84th
Cross Carl E. 2 Lt 84th
Cross Louis D. 1 Lt 82nd
Croy Manford O. Jr Capt 82nd
Cummings Gene T. F/O 84th

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