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Last Name First Name and Initials Rank




Luther J. 1 Lt 84th
Abernathy Ishmael W. 2 Lt 83rd
Abernathy Robert B. 1 Lt 82nd
Adamina Robert E. Capt 82nd
Allison James B. 2 Lt 82nd & 83rd
Allsteadt Kenneth C. 1 Lt 83rd & HQ
Anderson Bryant Y. 2 Lt 82nd
Anderson Edwin B. 2 Lt 82nd
Anderson Robert H. 1 Lt 82nd
Anderson Woodrow W. 1 Lt 82nd
Andrews Merrill F/O 83rd
Ankeny Paul F/O 84th
Arpin Arthur N. 1 Lt 84th
Askelson Howard S. Capt 83rd