Monuments To The 78th Fighter Group




The list below gives those Monuments currently identified that honour those who served with the 78th Fighter Group from Duxford.  Where a link is available, click on the thumbnail image to navigate to a new window containing the full-size image.  Close the new window to return to this page.

If you are aware of other monuments to the 78th Fighter Group, and have a picture you would like to share, please email me.

R. Abbey

The 1945 memorial stone dedicated to the 78th Fighter Group at Duxford.  Originally located on the parade ground, outside the Officer's Mess, the stone has been relocated to just inside the gate at the Duxford Imperial War Museum.

R. Abbey

The glass panel at Duxford Imperial War Museum dedicated to the 78th Fighter Group.  The panel depicts an aircraft for every loss suffered by the Group.  The panel is located behind the American Air Museum.

The panel dedicated to the 78th Fighter Group, on the Goxhill Monument.  The original appears on the RAF-Lincolnshire Website - available via the Links Page.