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Home Page - includes an Introduction and links to the Bibliography and Website pages that have been used as sources for this website.

Facts & Stats - provides a basic historical record about the Group, its squadrons and support personnel, including statistics on overall claims (enemy targets destroyed or damaged) and losses (pilots and personnel who were lost through accident or enemy fire).  This set of pages provides basic information on where the fighter group was positioned within the structure of the 8th Air Force, how it was identified, and its leaders.

Mission List - A Chronological list of missions flown by the 78th Fighter Group

Pilots - A Z listing of pilots, with their surname, first name, rank and squadron

Personnel - A Z listing of ground personnel, with their surname, first name, rank and squadron

"POW" - Page dedicated to those Pilots who were captured and made Prisoners of War.

Memorial - Memorial page dedicated to the Pilots and Personnel who were killed in the line of duty.

Photographs - Photographs of the base and of the group in general.  Pilot and personnel photographs can be found under the individual Pilot/Personnel page.

Monuments - Photographs and locations of all currently identified 78th FG memorials.

Links - Links to websites that provide information on either the 78th FG or other related information

Email - Email me with any comments.

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