Sometimes there's a story of one brave soul that just touches you.  You can't help but be affected by the consequences of a family's loss. 

Some time ago, my husband (Russell) was contacted in relation to F/O Archie F. Daniels, who was killed in action on 11th February 1944.  Flying with the 83rd Fighter Squadron in a P-47D HL-T, number 42-7963, F/O Daniels crashed in a field in Great Hormead, Hertfordshire, just after take-off due to mechanical trouble.  We were asked to investigate what had happened to his fiancée, Dorothy Hesketh.  The stories of Sonny's crash, and the fatal wounding of Dorothy in a car accident,  are best told in the newspaper articles from the time.  

Click here to read the transcription of the article relating to Archie.

Click here to read the transcription of the article relating to Dorothy.

The story of Archie and Dorothy touched both of us.  

Archie is one of many who lost their lives to protect others.  It is just fate that it is he who lost his life in our home village.

In recognition of his loss, a memorial stone has been erected close to the site of his crash.  If you would like to support the ongoing maintenance of the memorial, please contact me or click on this link

To keep up with progress on the project please click on this link.  Photographs of the memorial to follow shortly.


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