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Friday 19th February 2010

Mission List started and first six months posted.  Updates to the Link pages - including a link to the new website for The Tower Museum, Bassingbourn.

Monday 28th December 2009

Finally worked out how the new software works so can start to post updates - sorry for the delay!  Updates to the Archie Daniels pages.

Sunday 30th August 2009

Published pages for pilot surnames beginning with "E".  Updated the pages for Archie Daniels after the exhibition on the 22nd August 2009. 

Monday 29th June 2009

Amendment to Archie Daniels pages to include recent update.  Published pages for pilot surnames beginning with "F".

Friday 29th May 2009

Resigned myself to the fact that it will be 3 to 4 weeks between updates to the website.  Updates to the Archie Daniels pages, including moving the link to the memorial project up the home page to make it more accessible.  Completed the "N" pilot pages as much as possible - if you have any information or particularly any photo's that would add to the information, please contact me.  Also added the monument page.  Again if you have a picture of a monument relating to the 78th FG, please contact me.

Wednesday 29th April 2009

After another break, inflicted by my children who have been suffering from chicken pox, there is little to add at the moment!.  Amendment to the home, appeals, links and acknowledgement pages and the addition of Maj Quince Brown's page.

Saturday 11th April 2009

After a short break to work on the memorial for Archie Daniels, completed "A" pilot pages.  Added some detail to a number of previously provided pilot pages, and to the Archie Daniels memorial pages. 

Monday 30th March 2009

Posted up a weekends' worth of pilot pages - to numerous to mention individually - courtesy of (and with many thanks to) Thomas Gabriel and Peter Randall for kind permission to use photo's.

w/e 28th March 2009

Newspaper articles for Archie Daniels and his fiancée, Dorothy Hesketh, transcribed and published.  Amendment to Archie's pilot page.

w/e 21st March 2009

Links page made available although limited.  Appeals page established.  Pages relating to Archie Daniels Memorial Project provided.

w/e 14th March 2009

Completed the memorial pages.  Established the first few Pilot pages.  Amendment to home page to include extended Acknowledgements page.

w/e 28th February 2009

Updated all Pilots lists so as complete as possible, with final ranks.  Completed POW list and evaded list.  Please let me know any errors or omissions.  Slight change to welcome page.  Updated Facts & Stats layout with Plane images (thanks to Nathan) ready for plane info pages to follow.  Spelling and other general errors, such as return links, corrected and added on various pages including News!.

February 2009

First release of the new 78th Fighter Group Website.  Basic lists of Pilots and POW's made available but still under construction so Pilots may be missing.  Basic information on facts and stats relating to the three squadrons made available.

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