More information regarding the Group's history is currently being prepared and will be made available soon. 

Group Callsigns (up to 22nd April 1944)  
A Group Greywall
B Group Blakehouse
Group Callsigns (after 22nd April 1944)  
A Group Phoenix
B Group Slapstick
C Group Boycott
Commanding Officers  
Col Arman Peterson May 1942 - 1st July 1943
LtCol Melvin F. McNickle 3rd - 30th July 1943
Maj James J. Stone Jr. 31st July 1943 - 22nd May 1944
Col Frederic C. Gray Jr. 22nd May 1944 - 1st February 1945
LtCol Olin E. Gilbert 1st - 20th February 1945
LtCol John D. Landers 20th February 1945 - 1st July 1945
LtCol Roy B. Caviness 1st July 1945 - October 1945


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