Code: HL
Callsigns (up to 22nd April 1944)  
A Group Lockyear
B Group Cleveland
Callsigns (after 22nd April 1944)  
A Group Cargo
B Group Turquoise
Commanding Officers  
Col Jas. J. Stone May 1942 - July 1943
Maj Jesse C. Davis July 1943 - January 1944
LtCol Olin E. Gilbert January - July 1944
LtCol Wm H. Julian July 1944 - March 1945
LtCol Samuel R. Beckley March - October 1945
Activated in February1942, Mitchell Field, NY as 83rd Pursuit Sq (TE). 

Stationed at Baer Field, Ind., Muroc Dry Lacke, California, and Hamilton Field, California.


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