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This website is created in recognition of the pilots and personnel who were The 78th Fighter Group.  

My interest is genealogical rather than aeronautical.  To that end, this website will probably be different from the traditional WWII historical record.  It is my intention to give as much information as possible relating to the individuals that made the group the success it was, including those on the ground as well as in the air.  It is also my intention to provide a social history for the group, so that we might begin to understand the lives that these men lived.

There are a number of excellent websites with information on the 78th, and as these are identified they will be included under the links page.  I hope this website will, in time, become a fitting tribute to all those men, who served in, or in support of, the 78th Fighter Group. As with all of these types of research, it will take time to locate, validate and publish information relating to the group, and this website should therefore be viewed as "work in progress".  To that end, I would like to thank all those that have contributed and aided me so far and Id be most grateful to hear from you if there is an apparent error or omission from the information published, or if you are able to contribute any nugget or treasure of information that would assist.  As new information is added to this site, so the news page (available via the link at the top right of this page) will be updated.

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As and when questions are raised to me by visitors and contributors to the site, they will be collated onto the Appeals for Help page.  If you have the answer or can help in anyway then please contact me.

With grateful thanks to all those who have provided information, including Russ Abbey, Nathan Howland and Peter Randall.  Further credits can be found in the Acknowledgements.  Other sources of information can be found in the Bibliography, with relevant websites that provide information either on the 78th Fighter Group or on generally related information provided under the Links section.