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The list below gives those who died in their country's service whilst serving with the 78th Fighter Group.  For completeness, this list includes those who served with the 78th prior to their arrival in the UK and at Goxhill as well as Duxford.  Where a link is available, click on the pilots last name to navigate to their individual web page.  If you wish to view this list by Date of Loss please click here.

For information relating to Pilots that were made Prisoners of War or Evaded Capture, please click on the "POW" link to the left. 


KIA - Killed In Action
KIFA - Killed In Flying Accident
KIAc - Killed In Non-Flying Accident

Last Name First Name and Initials Rank Squadron Date of Loss Type of Loss
Baker Robert L. 1 Lt 82nd 10th June 1944 KIA
Bath Donald A. 2 Lt   7th March 1945 KIFA
Baugh   2 Lt 82nd Summer/Fall 1942 KIFA
Beals Donald S. 1 Lt 83rd 26th Jan 1943 KIA
Belt Dwight G. 2 Lt 84th 1st October 1944 KIFA
Bibeau Lucian J. 1 Lt 82nd 24th February 1945 KIA
Boehner Ernest J. 1 Lt 82nd 1st March 1945 KIA
Bolen James A. 2 Lt 84th 19th March 1945 KIA
Boner Gerald F. 2 Lt 83rd 17th January 1945 KIA
Bradley William E. F/O 83rd 20th January 1945 KIFA
Brendle Merle V. 1 Lt 84th 20th February 1945 KIA
Brower Robert F. 2 Lt 82nd 27th August 1943 KIFA
Brown Ora R. 2 Lt 82nd 13th June 1943 KIA
Brown Quince L. Maj 84th 6th September 1944 KIA
Bush Ralph L. 2 Lt 83rd 19th March 1945 KIA
Byers James F. 1 Lt 84th 30th July 1943 KIA
Carroll Edward J. 2 Lt 82nd 25th April 1945 KIA
Charlton Quentin 2 Lt 83rd 22nd September 1943 KIA
Clark Lawton 2 Lt 84th 10th September 1944 KIA
Cormier Ralph E. F/O 83rd 26th November 1943 KIA
Coss Wilbur J. Capt 82nd 22nd February 1945 KIA
Cross Carl E. 2 Lt 84th 24th October 1943 KIFA
Croy Manford O. Capt 82nd 16th April 1945 KIA
Daniels Archie F. F/O 83rd 11th February 1944 KIFA
Dicks Louis A. 1 Lt 82nd 10th August 1944 KIA
Dodd Leroy V. 2 Lt   15th April 1943 KIFA
Downey Edward J. F/O 83rd 6th March 1944 KIA
Doyle Gray H. Capt HQ 5th September 1944 KIA
Eadline Lloyd L. 2 Lt 83rd 24th February 1945 KIA
Eakes Harvey L. 2 Lt 82nd 5th April 1944 KIA
Eastwood James C. P. F/O 83rd 30th December 1943 KIA
Eggleston Troy L. 2 Lt 82nd 26th November 1944 KIA
Elin Herbert W. 1 Lt 84th 13th January 1945 KIFA
Feril Rudolpho H. Cpl   28th June 1943 KIAc
Gibbs Ollie E. 2 Lt 83rd 22nd June 1944 KIA
Granger Arthur S. 2 Lt 83rd 5th January 1944 KIA
Hahn Clifford B. 1 Lt 82nd 24th January 1944 KIA
Hartley Dunstan D. 2 Lt 83rd 23rd September 1944 KIA
Hartman George T. 1 Lt 84th 5th January 1944 KIA
Hartman John P. Sgt 82nd 27th May 1944 KIAc
Hazelett Phillip H. 1 Lt 82nd 28th May 1944 KIA
Hereford Louis R. 2 Lt 84th 4th March 1945 KIA
Higgins Roy D. 1 Lt 84th 1st March 1945 KIA
Hodge Jack D. 1 Lt 83rd 11th March 1945 KIA
Hodges Benjamin H. 2 Lt 82nd 20th June 1944 KIA
Holmes Robert B. Capt 82nd 16th April 1945 KIA
Hubbell   2 Lt 82nd Summer 1942 KIFA
Hunt William F. Capt 84th 10th June 1944 KIA
Jackson Donald G. 1 Lt 82nd 14th July 1943 KIA
Jacobson Alan R. 2 Lt 83rd 9th November 1944 KIA
Jones Robert N. 2 Lt 83rd 1st September 1944 KIA
Jones Y. V. 2 Lt 82nd 10th February 1944 KIA
Just Harry H. Jr. 1 Lt 84th 7th June 1944 KIA
Kelly William G. 1 Lt 84th 9th November 1944 KIFA
Kitley Edward T. 1 Lt 83rd 1st July 1944 KIFA
Kuehner Richard S. 2 Lt 82nd 10th June 1944 KIA
Lacy William O. 2 Lt 82nd 10th September 1944 KIA
Lay Harry T. Capt 84th 17th July 1944 KIA
Leach Major C. 1 Lt 83rd 5th January 1944 KIA
Ledington Dorian Capt 84th 21st April 1945 KIA
Loyd Daniel T. 2 Lt 84th 10th June 1944 KIA
Ludwig Donald E. 2 Lt 82nd 10th February 1944 KIA
Lyle Charles L. Capt 84th 20th February 1945 KIA
Maitland George C. 2 Lt 83rd 8th March 1944 KIA
Marsh Wayne T. Sgt 989th 3rd September 1944 KIAc
Marshall Leonard P. Lt Col HQ 21st April 1945 KIA
Massa Vincent J. 1 Lt 83rd 10th June 1944 KIA
McDermott William M. 1 Lt 83rd 10th June 1944 KIA
Miller Jack B. 1 Lt 83rd 18th August 1944 KIA
Moore Kenneth L. 2 Lt 82nd 9th September 1944 KIA
Morris Harold J. 1 Lt 82nd 26th July 1944 KIA
Morsch Donald R. 2 Lt 82nd 11th February 1944 KIA
Mullins Robert E. 1 Lt 83rd 6th July 1944 KIA
Mundy Joseph W. F/O 84th 15th April 1944 KIA
Munson Norman D. Maj 82nd 19th July 1944 KIA
Murray Richard A. 2 Lt 84th 20th May 1943 KIA
Musgrave Louis R. 1 Lt 84th 24th February 1945 KIA
Myler John J. 2 Lt 84th 5th August 1944 KIA
Neel William F. 1 Lt 8nd 24th January 1944 KIA
Newton William III 1 Lt 84th 5th July 1944 KIA
O'Brien Charles R. F/O 83rd 26th February 1945 KIA
O'Connell Martin G. Jr. 2 Lt 83rd 15th April 1944 KIFA
Orvis William S. Jr. 2 Lt 82nd 28th May 1944 KIA
Ostrander Paul S. 1 Lt 84th 31st March 1945 KIA
Parmelee Charles E. 2 Lt 84th 10th September 1944 KIA
Peal Charles M. Capt 83rd 14th August 1944 KIA
Perry Henry L. 1 Lt 83rd 26th Jan 1943 KIFA
Peterson Arman Lt Col HQ 1st July 1943 KIA
Platt Robert K. 2 Lt 82nd 5th March 1945 KIFA
Putnam John B. Jr. 1 Lt 84th 19th July 1944 KIFA
Putnam Melvin D. 1 Lt 83rd 5th January 1944 KIA
Ramsey John C. Capt 82nd 12th June 1944 KIA
Raese Cleon W. Jr. 2 Lt 83rd 1st July 1944 KIFA
Reese William H. 1 Lt 83rd 11th April 1944 KIA
Ronning Robert I. F/O 83rd 1st March 1943 KIFA
Sandmeier Jack S. 2 Lt 82nd 14th May 1943 KIA
Seppich Wendell 2 Lt 82nd 13th Sept 1942 KIFA
Shoemaker William M. 1 Lt 2027th 3rd September 1944 KIAc
Silsby Charles W. Capt 84th 15th April 1944 KIA
Smith Billy V. 2 Lt 82nd 13th August 1944 KIA
Smith Jayson M. 2 Lt 83rd 15th August 1943 KIFA
Smith Martin H. Jr.     19th July 1944 KIFA
Smith Robert D. 2 Lt 84th 7th October 1944 KIA
Sole John R. 2 Lt 84th 1st April 1945 KIA
Steinwedel John C. E. 2 Lt 82nd 5th June 1944 KIA
Stinson Herbert A. 1 Lt 82nd 10th April 1945 KIA
Streb Louis F. 1 Lt 989th 3rd September 1944 KIAc
Stump Harold E. Maj 84th 10th June 1944 KIA
Sumner   2 Lt 82nd 10th August 1942 KIFA
Swanson William S. 1 Lt 82nd 11th February 1944 KIA
Taylor Ernest Sgt 83rd 19th July 1944 KIFA
Tonkin Walter 1 Lt 83rd 16th March 1944 KIA
Townsend William D. 1 Lt 84th 1st March 1945 KIA
Turley Grant M. 1 Lt 82nd 6th March 1944 KIA
Webb Calvin 2 Lt 82nd 1st April 1944 KIA
Wedell Roy E. 2 Lt 83rd 13th March 1944 KIFA
Werder Albert B. 2 Lt 83rd 30th March 1944 KIA
Weston Gordon L. F/O 82nd 6th January 1945 KIA
White Stephan L. 2 Lt 82nd 26th Jan 1943 KIFA
Wilkinson James W. Capt 82nd 4th June 1944 KIFA
Wright Melvin R. 1 Lt 82nd 10th December 1943 KIFA
Wood Eugene W. 2 Lt 84th 18th September 1944 KIA

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