Whilst building the Nuthampstead (www.station131.co.uk) website I was fortunate enough to correspond with both veterans and relatives of those that served with the 55th during the Second World War.  There are a number of excellent websites with information on the 55th, but none that concentrated solely on the group, or more importantly on the men who served with the group.  I hope this website will, in time, become a fitting tribute to all those men, who served in, or in support of, the 55th Fighter Group. As is probably evident, I'm still building the site and am regularly posting information and images, as they get donated, or submitted. I would like to thank all those that have contributed and aided me so far, including Karen Esberger, Frank and Velma Birtciel, Bob Littlefield, Stan Richardson, Ted Hoffman, Chet Patterson, Ed Giller, Bill Staggs,  Bud and Thelma Loring, Jack Cunnick, John Kaithern, Russ Blowers, Neil Webster, John and Martha Ann McKee, Don Hemphill and Marilyn Hladky, Don Gifford, Bill Willis, Dick Gibbs, Howard Rhodes, Turk Eliades, George 'Ike' Eichorn, Glenn 'Andy' Anderson, Ray Larko, Bill Laubner, Jerry Leinweber, Bill Staggs, Clifford Williams, Jack Feller, Dick Baribault, Harold Hall, Oliver Griswold, Charles Eder, Dudley and Julie Amoss, Bill Woock, Duane and Sylvia Wikholm, James Hoffman, Jeff Florentine, Bekah Hale, Bill Kamego, Dan Henry, Chip and Nikki Hailey, Dominick McCutcheon, Erin Trevino, Matt Frase, Terry Murray, Patricia Achramowicz, Geoff McHarg, Bill McHarg, Ken Underwood Jr., Jim Neufeglise, Peggy Gillette Mercado, Bill Spiecker, Marcia Sittel, Bruce Hancock, Carole Olshavsky, Norrol Smith, The Fluty Family (incl. David and Courtney), Tim and Tony Piscitelli, Bob Light, Diane Kerr, Keron Bailey, Dan Steiner and the the Steiner Family, Rob Wiley, Ruth Haferkamp, Victoria Alba, Daria Aspinall, Marianne Wessell, Mark Aird, Dennis Tuffin, Richard Bishop Jr.,  Robert Stermer-Cox, Ron and Donna Eliason, David Camaricone, David Balfanz, Tom Gibson, John Rieder, Nancy Dornette, Carol and Wayne Erickson, David Woods, Mark Lauroesch, Kate Marston, Don McPheeters, Jim Hardway, Dave Wilde, Don Alexander, General Reg Urschler, Roger Freeman, Danny Morris, Stan Bishop, Cliff Bishop, Ralph and Janet Wild, Peter Randall, Jim Sterling, Martin Kyburz, Jack Cook, Dan Johnson, Dario Silva, Jan Zdiarský, Adam Smith, Nathan Howland, Jim Parish, Michal Mucha, Mark O'Boyle, André Cijvat, Curtis Smith, Dave Erne, Ken Rydings, Patrick Downey, Tom Skinner, Martin Blackman, Guy De Brant, Paul Patist, Ken Breaux, Jérôme Leblanc, Luc Vervoort, Nils Hempel, Michael Battilana, Sřren Flensted, Ulf Podbielski, Pat McGovern, Teun Berendsen, Richie Pymar, Mark Brotherton, Bjoern Mueller, Filip Vojtášek, Ron Leigh, Alex Jay, Mel Brown, Jo Roberts, Terry White, Kevin Marsh, Eddie Creek, Wim Kersten, Terran Tidwell, Bernd Richter, Peter Fisk, Ken Kline, Paul Webber, Syd Edwards, Hans Hauprich, Mark Proulx, Mark Styling, Michel Beckers, Norbert Lisinski, Dave Bighia, Chris Aronhalt, Geoff Rice,  Malcolm Osborn, Dominic Pike, 55th FG and 442nd ASG Association, Cambridgeshire County Council, Hertfordshire County Council,  The Imperial War Museum, The Air Force Historical Society, 398th BGA, John McQueney and the USAF 55th SRW.                 Russ Abbey

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