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Jack and Julie Jenkins at San Antonio reunion in 1983 (R. Blowers)

Banquet in 1983. (L-R) Velma & Frank Birtciel, Bill Lewis, Dallas Webb, Don Mercier, Robert & Ida Yee Litt, Wayne & Esther Rosenoff (F. Birtciel)

(L-R) C.J. Burleson, Dave and Emma Hailey. San Antonio, 1983. (C. Hailey)

Irv Geeslin, the then President of the 55th FGA and 442nd ASGA, at Omaha, 1985. (F. Birtciel)

Mike Alba at the Omaha Reunion in 1987 (F. Birtciel)

POW medals presentation, Omaha 1987. (F. Birctiel)

POW medals presentation, Omaha 1987. (F. Birctiel)

Bob and Helen Rosenberg and Emma Hailey at a reunion in the 1980's. (C. Hailey)

'Doc' Humiston at a 55th FG reunion. (F. Birtciel)

(L-R) Dave Hailey, Ted Jonoski and Wayne Lanham. Colorado Reunion (C. Hailey)

Anstey 2006. (L-R) Duane Wikholm, Thelma and Bud Loring, Russ Abbey and Russ Blowers (S. Wikholm)

Bud Loring and Russ Blowers @ Anstey Church, 2006. (R. Abbey)

Russ Blowers and Bud Loring at Nuthampstead, 2006 (T. Loring)

55th FG and 442nd ASG Association Board meeting at St. Louis, 2007. (R. Abbey)

Welcome banner at Offutt AFB, Omaha, 2008. (R. Abbey)

Memorial Service Booklet, Offutt AFB, Omaha, 2008. (R. Abbey)

55th FG Veterans and modern USAF 55th SRW, Offutt AFB, 2008. (R. Abbey)

Omaha, 2008. (L-R) David Fluty, Bob Littlefield, Frank Birtciel & Dick Gibbs (R. Abbey)

Bill Willis and family @ Omaha reunion 2008. (R. Abbey)

Bernard Hilgers and family @ Omaha reunion 2008. (R. Abbey)

Andy Anderson and Ray Larko at Omaha, 2008 (R. Abbey)

Chip and Debbie Hailey, Omaha 2008. (R. Abbey)

Omaha, 2008. (L-R) Dick Gibbs, Frank Birtciel & Jack Cunnick (R. Abbey)

Omaha, 2008. Tim Piscitelli and Chip Hailey (R. Abbey)

L-R Frank Birtciel, Marilyn Rice (398th BGA VP) and Ike Eichorn (G. Rice)

Group shot at the farewell banquet, Omaha 2008. (R. Abbey)

Austin reunion 2009 (R. Abbey)

Back Row (L-R) Mr & Mrs Dick Baribault, Mr & Mrs Jack Cunnick, Paul Lichty. Front Row (L-R) Frank Birtciel, Clifford Williams, Harold Hall

Group shot at the farewell banquet, Albuquerque 2010. (T. Tidwell)

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