Col. Ben Rimerman

Photo of Col. Rimerman when commanding the 353rd FG and
courtesy of the 353rd FG website,

Col. Ben Rimerman

HdQts - 22 April 1945 - 20 May 1945

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D CL-V 44-72958 "Diane"

Mission History

Not Known

Mission List

Not Known

Air Scores

4.5 (all with 353rd FG)

Ground Scores

8 (all with 353rd FG)

Notes Entered service from Omaha, Nebraska
ASN - 0-346830
22 April 1945 - Replaced LtCol. Righetti as the 55th's group CO (Col. Rimerman had seen extensive combat service with the 353rd Fighter Group)
26 April 1945 - Ground looped P-51D CL-V "Diane", serial no. 44-72958 at Wormingford
21 May 1945 - Became Chief of Staff for the 3rd Air Division
11 August 1945 - Col. Rimerman was killed in a postwar flying accident when he crashed, whilst a passenger in a two-seat North American P-51B Mustang, flown by Capt. William .J. Maguire while on their way to a 353rd FG party.