Maj. Chet A. Patterson

(F Birtciel)

Maj. Chet A. Patterson

38th FS - Unk - 12 September 1942
338th FS - 12 September 1942 to 23 April 1944
HdQts - 23 April 1944 - 13 November 1944

Assigned Aircraft

P-38J CL-P 42-67816 "Princess Pat" (M. Kyburz)
P-38J CL-P "Mr. Dunc"

Mission History

Not Known

Mission List

55th FG  Mission #

Date Target
16 25 November 1943 Sweep-Lille Area
18 29 November 1943 Bremen (White 3)
39 31 January 1944 Sweeps in the Eindhoven/Venlo/Arnhem area (Blue Leader)
71 11 April 1944 Sorau-Cottbus (led 'B' group)
Air Scores

4-0-0 338th FS

Ground Scores
Score Detail 25 November 1943  FW-190 destroyed (air) Lens
29 November 1943  Me-109 destroyed (air) N/Emmen
31 January 1944  Me-109 destroyed (air) Goch
31 January 1944  Me-109 destroyed (air) Kessel
Notes Entered service from Berkeley, California.
September 1942 - Joined the 338th Fighter Squadron
20 November 1943 - Awarded the Air Medal
20 December 1943 - Awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal
27 December 1943 - Awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal
28 January 1944 - Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
21 March 1944 - Awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Distinguished Flying Cross
23 April 1944 - Assigned to Group Headquarters as Assistant Ops. Officer
13 November 1944 - Assigned to HQ, Eighth Air Force, to undertake duties as Assistant Director of Plans and Requirements
Memories "I was one of the original pilots when the 55th was formed, trained in the States and went to combat with the 55th.  Was one of the first to finish a tour and then volunteered for a 20 hour extension so that I could fly during the invasion. Was sent to the US on somewhat of a speaking tour and R&R for 30 days and returned to the 55th and combat. Flew most of a second tour, then was sent to Headquarters 8th AF, the Asst  Director of Plans and Requirements, a fantastic job for me. I felt I was the luckiest guy in the air force and that's another story." 
(Chet Patterson - Oct 2003)

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