2/Lt. William Turner

(Robert M. Littlefield)

2/Lt. William Turner

38th FS - 19 November 1943 - 24 February 1944 (Killed in Action)

Assigned Aircraft

P-38J 42-67939

Mission History

14 missions

Mission List
55th FG Mission # Date Target
24 16 December 1943 Bremen (Yellow 2)
30 04 January 1944 Kiel (Yellow 4)
31 05 January 1944 Kiel (Blue 2)
n/a 11 January 1944 (Spare - Returned early as engine ran rough at altitude)
34 14 January 1944 St. Poi (White 2)
35 21 January 1944 Area Patrol - Lille (Purple 4)
n/a 24 January 1944 (Spare - Returned early at 1055 with rough right engine)
37 29 January 1944 Frankfurt (Red 4)
40 03 February 1944 Wilhelmshaven (Spare - Filled in for Capt. Hancock)
n/a 04 February 1944 (Red 2 - Returned early at 1212 with rough left engine)
42 05 February 1944 Châteauroux La Martinerie Airdrome (Red 4)
43 06 February 1944 Dijon (Red 4)
44 08 February 1944 Frankfurt (Red 4)
46 11 February 1944 Frankfurt (Yellow 4)
47 20 February 1944 Bernburg (Red 4)
49 21 February 1944 Werl (Spare - Filled in for Capt. Ayers)
51 24 February 1944 Gotha (Red 2)
Air Scores
Ground Scores

ASN - O-749121
19 November 1943 - Joined the 38th Fighter Squadron
24 February 1944 - Killed in Action
MACR No. 02667

1/Lt. Charles M. Chapman reported: "Captain Beaird and his wingman had to leave because of engine trouble, leaving Lt. Turner and myself to go on to the target.  Major Shipman called Lt. Turner, saying that we were to fly between his flight and Captain Leinweber's.  When the bounce came, Lt. Turner and I were flying line abreast.  Captain Leinweber broke right and Turner and I broke right also.  I broke first, and that was the last time I saw Lt. Turner.  This was at a point about 2 or 3 minutes west of the target, Gotha, Germany.  On the way out, I believe Captain Myers contacted Lt. Turner on the radio."

Capt. Joseph Myers reported: "We were proceeding on a course home and were in the vicinity of Cologne when Lt. Turner called me on the R/T and said he was on the deck on one engine and had just crossed a large river.  He also stated he did not think he could make it home.  I told him to continue on a course of 300 degrees, that his approximate position was in or near the Ruhr Valley, and he was about 30 minutes from the French cost or about 50 minutes from Manston (England).  I also gave him the call sign of Manston on "C" channel and encouraged him to keep on going if possible.  Lt. Turner acknowledged the transmission and said he was going to cut his radio off to save his battery.  This was the last message I received from him."

A postwar U.S. Army report stated Lt. Turner was downed by anti-aircraft fire in the Watton, Pas de Calais, France area and buried in the Cemetery of Honor, St. Omer.  Lt. Turner was from Maine.  He is now buried at Normandy American Military Cemetery and Memorial, Colleville sur Mer, France.
Reproduced with kind permission of Mr. Robert M. Littlefield from the author's book Double Nickel - Double Trouble

Additional Photo Lt. Turner's grave at the Normandy American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach. (R. Abbey)
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