1/Lt. Alfred E. Carr Jr.

(Robert M. Littlefield)

1/Lt. Alfred E. Carr Jr.

38th FS - 29 September 1944 - 20 February 1945 (Prisoner of War)

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D CG-C 44-14068 "Little Joe"
(Named after his Son)

Mission History

36 missions

Mission List
55th FG Mission # Date Target
310 21 January 1945 Mannheim
311 22 January 1945 Sterkrade/Duisburg
324 20 February 1945 Railroad Rodeo – Nürnberg Area
Air Scores
Ground Scores
Score Detail 21 January 1945  (.5)u/i a/c destroyed (ground) Stuttgart/Boblingen
22 January 1945  Ju-88 destroyed (ground) Hanover-Langenhagen
22 January 1945  Ju-88 damaged (ground) Hanover-Langenhagen
Notes Born in Slidell, Louisiana, 18 August 1917.
ASN - O-686617
29 September 1944 - Joined the 38th Fighter Squadron
03 October 1944 - Hit by flak and bailed over France on his first mission.  Hospitalised with leg wound.
04 November 1944 - Returned to combat duties
20 February 1945 - Prisoner of War
MACR No. 12558
F/O Wesley V. Totten reported: "I was flying No. 3 position in the Yellow Section of Hellcat Squadron. Lt. Carr was leading the flight which consisted of three ships. We had started out of Germany strafing locomotives as we went along. We had just finished our second pass on a locomotive when Lt. Carr was hit by medium flak. It looked as :f it was a direct hit in the right wing root. When I came up to Lt. Carr's ship I saw that he had a six inch hole in the right wing with gasoline coming out. I then noticed oil coming out of the scoop. His oil pressure went to zero, he told us over the radio, and he flew the plane for five minutes after his pressure stopped. He decided that he could go no further and he crash landed south east of Heilbronn. I had radio contact with him at all times and he said that he was alright. I saw him walk away from the plane and then I strafed it.
German J 3024 reported Lt. Carr's capture and the destruction of his plane by another plane which set it on fire.

Eddie Carr tells his story: "I was downed on my 36th combat mission around Stuttgart, Germany, on February 20, 1945. I was captured by SS troops with dogs and Hitler Youth. I was physically mistreated by them. They put me in front of a wood pile and took pot shots at me. I was rescued by a repatriated German lieutenant who had been a flier. He took me to Wurzburg and then to Frankfurt. I was given very little food, a small bowl of thin soup with a small slice of black bread (or less) each day and very little water. I experienced extreme anxiety and fear as to what the Germans would do to me. I received no medical treatment for my injuries, (bad cut on my head and very badly bruised knees and legs) from landing, and suffered from cold, malnutrition, and dysentery.
At Wetzlar, I was put aboard a train of box cars with other POWs.  Conditions - extreme.  No food nor water, dysentery, filth, extremely crowded.  No one was allowed out of the cars to use a bathroom.  We arrived at Nuremberg four days later.  I remained there three weeks in a holding area.  We were marched from Nuremberg to Moosburg under the same conditions.  We slept on the open ground.
We were liberated by Patton's Army, April 29, 1944, at Moosburg and I had lost thirty pounds.  I was flown to Camp Lucky Strike, where I received medical treatment, food, water and warm clothes and boarded a ship for Boston.
Reproduced with kind permission of Mr. Robert M. Littlefield from the author's book Double Nickel - Double Trouble

Passed away on 10th January 1994.

Memories Eddie Carr tells his story: "On my first combat mission, an escort, I was shot down on October 3, 1944.  I bailed out and landed in a tree.  I was wounded by flak in the left leg and French soldiers took me to a U.S. hospital in Paris.  I was then flown to a hospital in England where I received further treatment.  I resumed flying November 4, 1944."
Reproduced with kind permission of Mr. Robert M. Littlefield from the author's book Double Nickel - Double Trouble
Additional Photo Lt. Carr next to "Little Joe" with his crew (F. Birtciel)
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