1/Lt. Walter Theodore Achramowicz

(P. Achramowicz)

1/Lt. Walter Theodore Achramowicz

38th FS - 03 August 1944 - July 1945

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D CG- "The Joker"

Mission History

56 missions

Mission List

55th FG Mission #

Date Target
200 08 August 1944 Romilly (On his first mission, Lt. Achramowicz flew as Yellow 2)
202 10 August 1944 St. Florentine (flew as Yellow 2)
204 11 August 1944 Strasburg (flew as Blue 2)
205 12 August 1944 Rodeo - France (flew as Silver 2)
207 12 August 1944 Rodeo - France (flew as Yellow 2)
209 13 August 1944 Rodeo - France (flew as Yellow 2)
210 13 August 1944 Rodeo - France (flew as Yellow 2)
211 14 August 1944 Mannheim (flew as Yellow 2)
212 15 August 1944 Twente/Enschede A/F (flew as Yellow 4 and returned early at 1158 with manifold trouble)
213 16 August 1944 Zeitz (flew as White 4)
215 18 August 1944 Roye-Amy (flew as Spare)
219 26 August 1944 Nancy-Culmont (flew as Yellow 2)
221 27 August 1944 Berlin (flew as Blue 4)
222 28 August 1944 Saarbrucken (flew as Spare)
366 09 April 1945 Munich/Schleissheim Airfield
Air Scores
Ground Scores
Score Detail 09 April 1945  FW-190 damaged (ground) Munich-Brunnthal Landing Ground
Notes Born on 2 May 1922, in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts
03 August 1944 - Assigned to the 38th Fighter Squadron
06 October 1944 - Promoted to First Lieutenant
October 1944 - Awarded Air Medal
Walter Achramowicz retired as an Air Force Major and a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. He had nearly 23 years active duty in the service after attending college at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Korean Service Medal, Distinguished Unit Citation, Air Force Commendation Medal, American Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Army Occ. Medal (Japan), East Asia - Middle East Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, United Nations Service Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award, Strike Command Commendation. He was the only officer given Letter of Commendation from the Japanese government for aiding Japan Air Self Defense Force, signed by Lt. Gen. Misoo Mutsumae, Commander JASDF in June, 1960. He was a member of the Retired Officer Association, the Reserve Officers Association, the Air Force Association.
Memories Through his AF career my Dad was primarily known as "Ack," but earlier in his life, which I believe is inclusive of his WWII service, because his hair was then such a light blonde, he was apparently known as "Whitey." P. Achramowicz
Additional Photos Lt. Achramowicz (P. Achramowicz)

(L-R) Capt. Staggs and Lt. 'Ack Ack' Achramowicz (W. Staggs via C. Smith)

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