1/Lt. Wayne E. Rosenoff

(F. Birtciel)

1/Lt. Wayne E. Rosenoff

343rd FS   14 June 1944 - 11 September 1944 (Prisoner of War)

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D 44-13724 (D. Balfanz)

Mission History

17 in a P-38
18 in a P-51

Mission List
55th FG Mission # Date Target
227 05 September 1944 Stuttgart
231 11 September 1944 Ruhland
Air Scores
Ground Scores
Score Detail 05 September 1944  He-111 destroyed (ground) Stuttgart/Echterdingen
05 September 1944  He-111 damaged (ground) Stuttgart/Echterdingen
05 September 1944  Me-410 damaged (ground) Stuttgart/Echterdingen
Notes Born in Ritzville, Washington, 21st August 1917
Entered service from Sacramento, California
ASN - O-760206
14 June 1944 - Joined the 343rd Fighter Squadron
August 1944 - Promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to 1st Lieutenant
11 September 1944 - Missing in Action (Prisoner of War)
MACR No.08682
Lt. Phillip Gangemi reported: "On Sept. 11, 1944, Capt. Robert Brown was leading Tudor Squadron.  I was flying #2 position, Lt. Rosenhoff #3 and Lt. Blair in #4 position, (in Brown's flight).  Capt. Brown dropped belly tanks in the vicinity of Sonneberg, Germany at 12.00 and bounced a bogie which turned out to be a Mosquito.  Then Capt. Brown turned for home base, flying at 26,000 feet on a heading of 265 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Someone called in and said that bombers were being attacked to the left.  Capt. brown headed into the fight.  At that time I, Lt. Rosenhoff and Lt. Blair were line abreast with Capt. Brown.  Just as we entered the middle of the fight, I glanced to the left and saw what I believed to be a Tudor airplane with the right wing knocked off and burning.  The plane could have been struck by pieces of other aircraft falling through the air.  I do not believe that it was due to a direct enemy attack.  The flight was split up in the encounter and we all returned home alone."

Passed away on 1st August 2003 aged 85.  Buried in Ritzville Memorial Cemetery, Ritzville, Adams County, Washington.

Memories Wayne Rosenhoff tells his story. (Reproduced with kind permission of Mr. Robert M. Littlefield, from his book, Double Nickel - Double Trouble)
Additional Photo Lt. Wayne E. Rosenhoff (W. Rosenhoff via R. M. Littlefield)

Display of artefacts from the crash site of P-51D 44-13724 in the Museum of Air Battle over the Ore Mountains (WWW.MUSEUM119.CZ)

Display of artefacts from the crash site of P-51D 44-13724 in the Museum of Air Battle over the Ore Mountains (WWW.MUSEUM119.CZ)
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