1/Lt. Ted E. Hoffman

(F. Birtciel)

1/Lt. Ted E. Hoffman

343rd FS - 08 July 1944 - March 1945

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D CY-N 44-14312 "Sonny Boy" (J. Hoffman)

Mission History

Not Known

Mission List

Not Known

Air Scores
Ground Scores
Score Detail 05 September 1944  (4)Trainer destroyed (air) N/Goppingen
Notes ASN - O-763196
Ground crew  -  T/Sgt. David Noble, Cpl. Hank Misura and Sgt. Walter W. Grisham
08 July 1944 - Joined the 343rd Fighter Squadron
September 1944 - Awarded the Air Medal
October 1944 - Awarded 4th Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal
December 1944 - Promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to 1st Lieutenant
December 1944 - Awarded 7th and 8th Oak Leaf Clusters to the Air Medal
January 1945 - Awarded 9th and 10th Oak Leaf Clusters to the Air Medal
February 1945 - Placed on special duty with Station Clobber College
March 1945 - Ended Tour of Duty
April 1945 - Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
Memories Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched (Nb. hit the back button to return to this page after reading account.)

"I reported to the 55th, as a replacement pilot, after the Group moved to Wormingford, near Colchester, on June 2 1944." (Ted Hoffman)

"I spent the month of March 1945 training B-17 pilots to fly P-51's.  They were part of the Scouting Force, but I never flew a mission with them." (Ted Hoffman)

'Ted joined the Group in June after we moved to Wormingford and was assigned to the 343rd July 8, 1944.  I was scheduled to check him out in the P-38, but he lost an engine right after take off and had to return to base and land on single engine, which he did a fine job of.  He was a little older than most of us and had a little more sense.  His combat tour ended around the middle of January 1945.  He was a very good pilot and was credited with 4 victories.  He was assigned to my flight most of his tour."  (Frank Birtciel)

Additional Photos Lt. Ted E. Hoffman receiving a decoration from Col. Crowell
(J. Zdiarský (www.museum119.cz) from the Dave Jewell collection)

Another photo of P-51D 44-14312 "Sonny Boy", whilst coded as CY-T (J. Hoffman via P. Randall)

Lt. Ted Hoffman in the cockpit of his P-51D, CY-N "Sonny Boy" (Peter Randall)

(L-R) Hank Misura and Crew Chief Walter Grisham with P-51D CY-N "Sonny Boy"  (James Hoffman)

(L-R) Hank Misura, Ted Hoffman and Walter Grisham (James Hoffman)

Lt. Hoffman with Sgt. Kay and Cpl. Shrum (K. Esberger)

Ted and Kitty Hoffman in 1944 and 1994 in front of the Houses of Parliament in London  (Ted Hoffman)
"Kitty and I met at a dance.  We were introduced by a mutual friend.  Kitty's hospital was on one side of Colchester, while I was stationed at Wormingford Air Base on the other. The photos are of my wife Kathleen (Kitty) and me in 1944 and 1994 in London on the same bridge.  We were married in London, Ontario, Canada after we arrived home. This is our 59th year and nine grown children." (Ted Hoffman 2004)

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