Capt. Karl H. Garlock

(F. Birtciel)

Capt. Karl H. Garlock

338th FS States - February 1944
343rd FS  February 1944 - March 1944
338th FS March 1944 - 21 May 1944 (Prisoner of War)

Assigned Aircraft

P-38J 42-67771 CL- "Secret Weapon" (Robert M. Littlefield)

Mission History

Not Known

Mission List
55th FG Mission # Date Target
02 16 October 1943 Sweep - Dutch Islands (Yellow 2)
05 19 October 1943 Sweep - Amiens Area (Red 2)
06 20 October 1943 Duren (Red 4)
08 24 October 1943 St. Andre L'Eure (White 4)
09 03 November 1943 Wilhelmshaven (Yellow 2) (Returned early at 11:33, as gun sight was not operating)
10 05 November 1943 Gelsenkirchen (Spare)
13 10 November 1943 Montdidier Airdrome (Yellow 3)
14 11 November 1943 Munster (Spare - Filled in for Lt. Burns)
15 13 November 1943 Bremen (Spare - Flew Mission)
17 26 November 1943 Bremen (White 4) (Returned early at 12:40, acting as Escort, and landed at Bassingbourn)
18 29 November 1943 Bremen (Red 4)
19 30 November 1943 Solingen (Red 4) (Returned early as Left Engine cut out)
22 11 December 1943 Bremen (Returned early due to left engine cutting out and landed at Castle Camps)
28 30 December 1943 Ludwigshafen (Returned early at 11:33, as gun sight was out)
31 05 January 1944 Kiel (Returned early at 13:05 as Engine Out)
35 22 January 1944 Area Patrol Lille/Belgium (Returned early at 14:10 as Right Engine had oil leak)
37 29 January 1944 Frankfurt (Returned early due to 'Inner Cooler Failure')
39 31 January 1944 Sweeps in the Eindhoven/Venlo/Arnhem area (Returned early due to 'Leaking Fuel Line')
97 21 May 1944 Ranger Operation Chattanooga No. 1
Air Scores
Ground Scores
Score Detail 13 November 1943  Me-210 damaged (air) Hagen
Notes Born in Lockport, New York, 4 November 1922.
ASN - O-740161
May 1943 - Participated in formation flight over Seattle, WA, to commemorate the anniversary of the Air Mail service
29 November 1943 - Awarded the Air Medal
01 December 1943 - Promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to 1st Lieutenant
20 December 1943 - Presented with the Air Medal by Gen. Woodbury
31 December 1943 - Awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal
20 January 1944 - Awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal
02 May 1944 - Appointed 'C' Flight Commander
04 May 1944 - Promoted from 1st Lieutenant to Captain
20 May 1944 - Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
20 May 1944 - Awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal
21 May 1944 - P-38 was hit by flak and Capt. Garlock bellied in south of Warlow.
MACR No.04977

No one in Garlock's flight saw him go down even though he was the flight leader. The only report about his disappearance was by Lt. Korinek who stated that he himself had lost an engine and that the last time he saw Garlock he appeared to be in no trouble. Garlock's German file, which has been translated into English by the U.S. Army, has an assigned letter/number designation of J 1158. This will follow him through from capture to prison camp. The cover page consisted of his name, serial number, and date of Tetanus shot, inscribed the same as American forces do, T 43, followed with O, which is blood type. It also had his mothers name and address, Mrs. A.F. Garlock, Lockport, New York.

The next report is a telegram from Headquarters, Army Air Field Command A (o) 11/XI, Flying, Field Command, Ludwigslust, to Oberursel, the Intelligence Center and Interrogation Center, near Frankfurt am Main, where all 8th and 9th U.S. Army Air Force fighter pilots were sent for interrogation usually by master interrogator Hanns Scharff or his assistant, Otto Engelhardt, also known as "Wild Bill". The first German report stated: "J 1158 Subject: Shot down (sic) of a Lightning by flak. Belly-landing south Warlow, 6 km. west-northwest Ludwigslust 21 May 1944. Time: 13.57, pilot escaped. The escaped pilot captured by forester Jassnitz and transferred from Flying Field Hagenow to Oberursel"

Capt. Garlock was captured in a forest, depending upon the American report or the German report, about 17 hours after crash landing his flak damaged P-38. He was taken to the airdrome at Hagenow and then sent to Auswertestelle West at Oberursel, near Frankfurt.
(reproduced with kind permission from Robert M. Littlefield's book, 'Double Nickel - Double Trouble'.)

Memories The "Greifswald Incident" (reproduced with kind permission from Robert M. Littlefield's book, 'Double Nickel - Double Trouble'.)

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