2/Lt. John W. Thomas

(P. Webber)

2/Lt. John W. Thomas

338th FS - 24 April 1944 - 20 May 1944 (Killed in Action)

Assigned Aircraft

P-38J 42-67715

Mission History

Not Known

Mission List
55th FG Mission # Date Target
96 20 May 1944 Type 16 Control
Air Scores
Ground Scores

From Texas
ASN - O-756057
24 April 1944 - Joined the 338th Fighter Squadron
20 May 1944 - Killed in Action
MACR No. 04976
1/Lt. Harry E. Larsen reported: "2/Lt. Thomas was flying in my flight as spare, this date, over France, and was with the flight until we engaged approximately 30 enemy aircraft.  The flight became broken up in the engagement, and I did not see Lt. Thomas again.  I did not at any time see him in danger, nor did he call me on the R/T, therefore, I have no definite knowledge of what happened to him."

Squadron intelligence reported Lt. Thomas last seen about 1020 in the vicinity of Sens, France.  German report J 1131 reported the aircraft 100% destroyed, pilot charred.  Remains interred at the cemetery of the community of Pleurs.  He was downed 22km. northwest of Romilly.  Lt. Thomas entered service from Texas.  He is buried at Epinal American Military Cemetery and Memorial, Dinoze, France.
Reproduced with kind permission of Mr. Robert M. Littlefield from the author's book Double Nickel - Double Trouble


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