2/Lt. Samuel E. Kershaw

(K. Rydings)

2/Lt. Samuel E. Kershaw

338th FS - February 1945 - 21 February 1945 (Killed in Action)

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Notes Born on 06th February 1922, Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Son of Samuel and Mary Kershaw, husband to Winnie Ward
Entered Service from Doylestown, Pennsylvania
ASN - O-829708
2/Lt. Kershaw had flight training in North Carolina, Florida and Alabama before being shipped to England.

Lt. Samuel E. Kershaw crashed in P-51B 42-106892, 40 minutes into a training flight from Wormingford, with the Operational Training Unit.  The mission's purpose was high altitude formation and aerobatics.
Lt. Kershaw crashed near the old A13 near Thurrock, in the county of Essex, England.

1/Lt. Strauch, flight leader reported: "I was leading Graphic White flight with Lt. Stein flying No. 2, Lt. Kershaw No. 3. We were flying combat formation at 20000 feet when I told flight to go to right echelon.  Both men went to their positions and I peeled off in a large barrel roll.  Looking back I saw No. 2 and No. 3 pulling out of dive at about 14000 feet and then no. 3 started a slow wing over to the left and went straight in.  The wings came off the A/C at about 4000 to 5000 feet and the aircraft exploded on impact.  I then called homing station, received bearing and returned the flight to base."

The official report concluded: "Owing to the complete wreckage of the aircraft the cause of the accident cannot be determined.  However, it is not believed to be due to oxygen failure first, because of the relatively low altitude from which the pilot went into his fatal dive, and second, because a matter of minutes prior to the accident Lt. Kershaw had obeyed a signal to right echelon.  Undetermined - 100%.  Recommendations: None.  Cause of Accident: Unknown."

2/Lt. Kershaw is buried at the American Legion Cemetery in Doylestown,
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA

Memories Newspaper article on Ken Rydings successful efforts at getting a street in Essex, England, named after Lt. Kershaw. (Ken Rydings)
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Additional Photos Photo of a plaque dedicated to Lt. Kershaw on 'Kershaw Close', in the Bovis Estate in Chafford Hundred. (Ken Rydings)

Photo of Lt. Kershaw's grave in the cemetery at Doylestown, Pennsylvania (S. Danatzko via Find a Grave website)
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