2/Lt. Dean W. Ditlevson

(Dick Herbst via 55th FG Newsletter)

2/Lt. Dean W. Ditlevson

338th FS - 15 April 1945 - 06 July 1945

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D "Lady Lorenell"

Mission History

0 missions

Mission List


Air Scores
Ground Scores
Notes Home of Record - St Paul, MN
ASN - O-831586
15 April 1945 - Joined the 338th Fighter Squadron
Arrived too late to fly combat.
06 July 1945 - Transferred to the 84th FS, 78th Fighter Group
Memories 'One day on a practice mission he was taking off in "Lady Lorenell" when the canopy rolled back and slammed him across the forehead.  He made a second try and got in to the air this time.  After a few minutes he noticed that his vision was getting fuzzy.  He made an emergency landing and got on the ground just before he temporarily lost his eye sight.  He had failed to lock the canopy forward and when he gave it the gun to take-off, the slip stream forced the canopy back with a pretty good jolt.'
(Dick Herbst via the 55th FG Newsletter)

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