1/Lt. Richard I. Barrett

Mr. Robert M. Littlefield

1/Lt. Richard I. Barrett

338th FS - 03 September 1944 - 26 November 1944 (Prisoner of War)

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D 44-14167
P-51D "Purple Shaft"

Mission History

Not Known

Mission List
55th FG Mission # Date Target
231 11 September 1944 Ruhland
233 13 September 1944 Merseberg
276 26 November 1944 Hamm
Air Scores
Ground Scores
Score Detail 11 September 1944  Me-109 destroyed (air) S/Meiningen
26 November 1944  FW-190 destroyed (ground) Vorden A/F
Notes Home of Record - Fairfield, CT
ASN - O-802229
03 September 1944 - Joined the 338th Fighter Squadron
23 October 1944 - Promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to 1st Lieutenant
26 November 1944 - Prisoner of War
MACR No. 10538
1/Lt. Albert E. Wright reported: "1/Lt. Richard I. Barrett was flying wing to 1 /Lt. Brooks in a strafing attack on Vorden Airdrome, this date.  I was flying number 3 in the flight (Acorn Blue). There was no number 4 man. After a strafing pass on the field, Lt. Brooks pulled up in a chandelle to the left. Lt. Barrett following but evidently lost him in the smoke, I followed Lt. Barrett. The chandelle forced us across a small airdrome to the west of our target. Flak was intense. I called, 'Break', and we separated. I then heard Lt. Barrett call Capt. Cramer, Acorn leader, and asked him his position. Capt. Cramer gave him 270 degrees and 11,000 feet (altitude). I called Lt. Barrett on the R/T and got no response. I then took up a heading of 270 degrees after making an unsuccessful search for other planes in the flight and returned to the coast where I rejoined remnants of Acorn squadron. I did not see Lt. Barrett again. He was out of flak range when I heard his call to Capt. Cramer. So far as I knew he was not hit by ground fire and I believed him to be alright after the attack was broken off."

German J 2426 reported, emergency, belly landing, engine damage, pilot captured near Vorden Airdrome, Germany. Aircraft, 10 to 15 percent destruction. (sic)

Lt. Barrett was imprisoned in Stalag Luft I, Barth.

Reproduced with kind permission of Mr. Robert M. Littlefield from the author's book Double Nickel - Double Trouble


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