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"I'm sorry to report Robert J Meyer flew west earlier this month. I received a call from his daughter the other day to let me know. I had the honor of interviewing him back in 2011. As near as I can tell he was the last of the 20 FG's commanders. He was part of the initial cadre that went over to England in 43, joining the 79th in July 43. He assumed command of the 79 FS on 9 Dec 44 until 4 Apr 45. After the war he rose to the rank of Brig Gen. Here are a few photos of him. Clockwise from Upper Left: This shot is just before transferring to the 20th from the 55 FG; In front of a P-38H; In the bar; me interviewing him back in Sept 2011 and finally Gustke, Meyer, Yarbrgough and Montgomery in the squadron's ready room."

It is almost certain that Meyer flew at least one mission alongside the 55th FG, whilst they were stationed at Nuthampstead in November 1943.

Frank Emerson Birtciel
07 July 1923 - 21 October 2015

Stanley P. Richardson Jr.
20 March 1923 - 27 May 2014


George Nastanovich (Nastan)
August 19, 1923 - February 11, 2015

Raymond L. Mull (343rd FS)
February 10, 1923 - August 22, 2014

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