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The 97th SG enjoy a tea party at Nuthampstead (D. Kerr)

Sgt. McPheeters and colleagues from the 97th SG (D. McPheeters)

An unknown T/Sgt. in one of the many 'machine shops' at Nuthampstead. (K. Sorace via NARS)

An unknown T/Sgt. in one of the many 'machine shops' at Nuthampstead. (K. Sorace via NARS)

Nuthampstead Mud and Boots (55th FGA)

The 315th Service Squadron 'Woodwormers' at Wormingford. (55th FGA)

55th FG Pay Office for enlisted men. (R. Abbey)

Awards ceremony at Wormingford (J. Zdiarský ( from the Dave Jewell collection)

(L-R) Maj. Hoeper (343rd), Maj. Bollwerk (338th), Capt. Odegard (338th) and Lt. Fruh (338th) (J. Jenkins via NARS)

55th Fighter Group briefing (F. Birtciel)

NAAFI truck dispensing Coffee and Doughnuts (R. Littlefield)

Red Cross 'Doughnut Dolly' (55th FGA)

Status Board (F. Birtciel)

Linking .50 caliber bullets together. (F. Birtciel)

Home made rig for stripping down .50 caliber machine guns (F. Birtciel)

1st anniversary for the 55th FG in the ETO (F. Birtciel)

97th SG personnel writing letters (A. Smith)

55th Personnel listening to records on base (A. Smith)

Service being held for 55th FG personnel (K. Esberger)

Service being taken by Ch. Bill Boyd. Sgt. Kay seated top right. (K. Esberger)

55th FG personnel outside the Woodman Inn at Nutyhampstead in 1943. (NARS)

The Woodman Inn (Potter's Pub) at Nuthampstead. (NARS)

Officers sharing a drink in a local English pub. (USAF 55th Wing)

'The Drunks'. Men of the 97th SG enjoy a sociable drink. (D. Kerr)

3 Photographers from the Base Photographic Unit (D. Conti)

Unknown photographer from the Base Photographic Unit (D. Conti)

Base Photo Lab (D. Conti)

55th FG Honor Guard, April 1945. (55th FGA)


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