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Ground Crewmen with 55th FG P-38 (NARA)

P-38 of the 38th FS, 16 October 1943

Loading the 50 cal guns and 20mm cannon. (F. Birtciel)

55th FG Armorers (R. Littlefield)

Maintenance being undertaken on a P-38 (F. Birtciel)

Cannibalising a 55th FG P-38

Drop tanks at Nuthampstead. (NAM)

55th Ground crew with 150 Gallon drop tanks at Nuthampstead. (55th FGA)

Ground Crew at Nuthampstead with Steel 150 Gallon drop tanks (R. Freeman)

Loading drop tanks on a P-38 (R. Littlefield)

Loading a 500lb bomb on a P-38 (R. Littlefield)

A Sgt. checking the radio and microphone of a 55th FG P-38H (R. Freeman)

Maintenance being undertaken on a 343rd FS P-51 (F. Birtciel)

Maintenance being undertaken on a 343rd FS P-51 (W. Kersten)

343rd FS P-51 being maintained in the winter of '44-'45 (NARA)

(L-R) Dick Cleary and 'Dusty' Rhodes working on a 343rd FS P-51 (R. Littlefield)

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