Welcome to the links page of the 55th Fighter Group website.  I have listed a sample of sites that I use for research and whose webmasters have been kind enough to provide support to me in building this site.  If you would like to be linked from this page, please e-mail me at shabbyabbey@hotmail.com and I shall get you listed.

Little Friends site
The wonderful site dedicated to the Fighter Groups of the 8th Air Force by Peter Randall

Museum of the Air Battle over the Ore Mountains on 11th Sept 1944 in Kovarska, Czech Republic
A well researched and respectful website from Jan Zdiarsky.  Incl. many pages on the 55th FG.

55th Wing Association site
The modern day 55th's website

WWII Artist: Aviation Art by Alexandre Jay
A Collection of WW2-themed Aviation Paintings and Drawings by Artist Alexandre Jay

The Mighty 8th Cross Reference site
A well presented website from Fred Peller to start your research.

UK Control Towers site
All you need to know about Control Towers in the UK.

Nuthampstead Airfield site
My other website dedicated to all those that served at Station 131 during the war years (incl. 55th FG and 398th BG)

Airfields and Aviation Memorials
Richard Flagg's excellent site providing modern photos of old airfields.

Swiss Mustangs
Martin Kyburz's excellent website on mustangs in general and in service in the Swiss Air Force