On this page I shall try and list all known aircraft that were used by the 55th Fighter Group from 1943 through to late 1945.  It is an ongoing task, so will be updated regularly and as information is forthcoming.  In compiling this list I need to make special mention to Peter Randall. 
Peter's website (www.littlefriends.co.uk) is the most comprehensive listing of 8th Air Force fighter aircraft available and his hard work deserves a large thank you from all those with an interest in the 8th Air Force.  I have no intention of replicating Peter's work verbatim, but aim to simply list aircraft as I come across the records.

Serial Number Aircraft Type Squadron Codes and or Nose Art Known Pilot(s) and Ground Crew
41-6317 P-47C-5-RE 38th CG-4 "L'il Abner"  
42-66718 P-38H-1-LO 343rd CY-T  
42-66719 P-38H-1-LO 38th CG-I Lt. Hugh E. Gillette
42-66720 P-38H-1-LO      
42-66721 P-38H-1-LO      
42-66722 P-38H-1-LO      
42-66724 P-38H-1-LO 338th CL-M "Miss Margaret" Lt. Robert N. Jensen, Cpl. John Jones, T/Sgt. Millard Easton, Sgt. Reuben Robinson and Sgt. Wayne Hunter
42-66725 P-38H-1-LO      
42-66726 P-38H-1-LO      
42-66727 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. William W. Shank
42-66728 P-38H-5-LO      
42-66729 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-66730 P-38H-5-LO      
42-66731 P-38H-5-LO      
42-66732 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. William C. Florentine Jr.
42-66733 P-38H-5-LO      
42-66966 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-Q "Little Man" Lt. Clair A. Penners
42-67015 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-O Lt. Willard L. Kreft
42-67020 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG- "Flying Wolf" Maj. Milton Joel
42-67021 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. John R. Pruitt
42-67024 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67025 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-V Lt. Arthur J. Baranick
42-67027 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-G Capt. Gerald Brown
42-67028 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-G Capt. Gerald Brown
42-67029 P-38H-5-LO
42-67030 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-V "Janet" Maj. Thomas A. White
42-67031 P-38H-5-LO 38th & 338th CG- & CL-Y  
42-67032 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-H Lt. Joseph M. Fluty
42-67033 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG- Lt. Wilton G. Erickson
42-67034 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67035 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67037 P-38H-5-LO HQ   Col. Frank James
42-67040 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-H  
42-67041 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67042 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-L  
42-67043 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67044 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-U  
42-67045 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY- Lt. John Barnett
42-67046 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG- Lt. James M. Garvin
42-67047 P-38H-5-LO 338th & 343rd CL- & CY-F "Lovenia" Lt. Robert W. Brown, Capt. Robert L. Buttke
42-67048 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Capt. Joseph P. Marsiglia
42-67049 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. Charles E. Beall
42-67051 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG- "Spirit of Aberdeen" Lt. Albert A. Albino
42-67053 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-L "Vivacious Vera" Lt. James W. Gilbride, Capt. Richard C. Stanton and Lt. Hugh J. Goudelock
42-67056 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Frank A. Larson
42-67057 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-X "Miss Mona" Capt. Stanley P. Richardson Jr., CC - Vincent W. Spencer, ACC - William H. Dodd, Armorer - John J. Forde
Capt. Anthony J. Tinto
42-67058 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-S "Pitter Pat" Capt. Kenneth J. Sorace
42-67059 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG- Lt. John A. Stacker
42-67060 P-38H-5-LO 343rd & 38th CY-E & CG-S 2/Lt. Herbert T. Winter Jr.
42-67061 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-A Lt. Manuel J. Aldecoa
42-67063 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67064 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-C  
42-67065 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67066 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67067 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67069 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. Fleming W. Suiter
42-67070 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67071 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67072 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-U Lt. Clair A. Penners
42-67073 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. Lynn R. Goetzman
42-67074 P-38H-5-LO HQ CG-J "Texas Ranger" Col. Jack S. Jenkins, CC - T/Sgt. Carl R. Causey
42-67075 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-J  
42-67076 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-M Maj. Roland M. Malmstedt
42-67077 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-Q "Mountain Ayers" Capt. Jerry H. Ayers, 1/Lt. William K. Birch (KIA)
42-67078 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. Gene C. Stephens
42-67079 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-T  
42-67080 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-S "Skylark IV" Maj. Mark K. Shipman
42-67081 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-
42-67082 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67083 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67084 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY-R Maj. Eugene E. Ryan, Lt. Robert J. Kenning
42-67085 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67087 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-Q  
42-67088 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67090 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG- Lt. John J. Carroll
42-67092 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67093 P-38H-5-LO      
42-67094 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-E "Lightning Baby" Capt. William H. Burns
42-67095 P-38H-5-LO 38th CG-  
42-67097 P-38H-5-LO 343rd CY- Lt. James W. Gilbride
42-67099 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL-A
42-67100 P-38H-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. William E. Harbert
42-67196 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-
42-67199 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-Y
42-67216 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-
42-67219 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-
42-67220 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-
42-67221 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG- Lt. Martin B. Miller
42-67228 P-38J-5-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Benjamin H. Gourley
42-67231 P-38J-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. Victor J. LaBella
42-67259 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-P
42-67277 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-Q "Mountain Ayers" Capt. Jerry H. Ayers
42-67279 P-38J-5-LO 338th CL- Lt. Harold J. Bone
42-67284 P-38J-5-LO 38th CG-Z "Mississippi Mudcat" Lt. Leon M. Patterson
42-67305 P-38J-5-LO 338th CL-X "Miss Mona" Lt. Stanley P. Richardson Jr.
42-67413 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Tunis J. Lyon
42-67432 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-
42-67440 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-J
42-67467 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Ernest W. George
42-67472 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-
42-67476 P-38J-10-LO
42-67479 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-I Lt. Raymond L. Sumpter
42-67494 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-W Lt. Richard S. Simpson
42-67497 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67500 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-M  
42-67507 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67519 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67520 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-K Lt. Robert S. Thompson
42-67578 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Robert B. Hoffman
42-67647 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67650 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Edward F. Peters
42-67667 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67678 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67683 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67685 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-O "Journey's End" Maj. Joseph Myers Jr., CC - Sgt. J. D. "Dee Dee" Durnin, ACC - Fred Rumley, Arm - Sgt. K. P. Bartozeck
42-67686 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-T  
42-67704 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-K "Fubar" Capt. Lester L. Earls
42-67711 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Delorn L. Steiner
42-67712 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. George C. Korinek
42-67713 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Bert R. Shepard
42-67715 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. John W. Thomas
42-67720 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Arthur E. Carmel
42-67721 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Thomas F. Knudson
42-67730 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Elton S. Walters
42-67734 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-V  
42-67738 P-38J-10-LO 338h CL- Lt. Frederick W. West
42-67739 P-38J-10-LO      
42-67740 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-J Capt. Peter Dempsey, Crew Chief - T/Sgt. Marvin T. Reynolds
42-67741 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-C  
42-67749 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-  
42-67751 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67752 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Capt. Wesley M. Tibbetts
42-67757 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-C Lt. David D. Fisher
42-67764 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Capt. Chester E. Coggeshall Jr.
42-67768 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Morris Leve
42-67771 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- "Secret Weapon" Capt. Karl H. Garlock
42-67775 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-C  
42-67777 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Henry J. Tiedemann Jr.
42-67779 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- "Jill's Jallopy III" Maj. Paul E. Hoeper
42-67791 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-  
42-67805 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-A "Skylark V" Maj. Mark K. Shipman
42-67811 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-H  
42-67812 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-A  
42-67813 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Leroy V. Hokinson Jr.
42-67815 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-M  
42-67816 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-P "Princess Pat" Capt. Chester A. Patterson, Lt. Jack R. Foster
42-67822 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-R  
42-67825 P-38J-10-LO HQ CG-J "Texas Ranger IV" Col. Jack S. Jenkins, CC - T/Sgt. Carl R. Causey
42-67852 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-D "Beautiful Bettye" Capt. Arthur A. DeYoung, Lt. Charles H. Hodge
42-67863 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-  
42-67866 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-B Lt. Anthony L. Piscitelli
42-67867 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Edwin C. Wheeler
42-67872 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-D Capt. Frank E. Birtciel
42-67874 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-T  
42-67875 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- "The Brat II" 1/Lt. James W. Hiner, 1/Lt. Clifford O. Williams
42-67876 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Warren E. Loring
42-67879 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Victor T. McConnell
42-67881 P-38J-10-LO      
42-67884 P-38J-10-LO      
42-67893 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. William J. Ashton
42-67900 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-S Capt. Kenneth J. Sorace
42-67904 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-O "Sweet Ellouise" Lt. Willard Kreft & Capt. Albert H. Woods
42-67906 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Joseph A. Fluty
42-67917 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-U  
42-67919 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Victor J. LaBella
42-67925 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-  
42-67935 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-D Lt. William J. Pope
42-67939 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. William Turner
42-67954 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- (Diving Eagle Artwork) Capt. Clair E. Buskirk
42-67962 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- "Bambi" Capt. John L. Odegard
42-67964 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Louis H. Sturdivan
42-67966 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-J "Pretty Patty", CY-Q Lt. William H. Allen, Lt. Clair A. Penners
42-67971 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-X "Noah's Ark" Lt. Noah R. Tipton
42-67972 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- 1/Lt. Paul Fisher Jr.
42-67982 P-38J-10-LO      
42-67989 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Bradford R. Wikholm
42-68014 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-Q Lt. John E. Walker
42-68020 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-L "Rita" Lt. James D. Brokaw
42-68048 P-38J-10-LO HQ CY-J Capt. Bernie V. Guthrie
42-68076 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Noah R. Tipton
42-68079 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. William Laubner
42-68083 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. George Korinek
42-68085 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Newell Anderson
42-68086 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. James H. Weisel
42-68093 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-H  
42-68095 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY-H "Drippy Lil" Lt. Russell W. Erb Jr.
42-68102 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Rex P. Hjelm
42-68107 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL-X  
42-68127 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Malcolm G. Armstrong
42-68130 P-38J-10-LO 338th CL- Lt. Arthur Baranick
42-68132 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG-I  
42-68157 P-38J-10-LO 38th CG- Lt. Julius M. Hummel
42-68182 P-38J-10-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Robert V. Lloyd
42-104106 P-38J-15-LO 338th CL-T "Stinger" Lt. Thomas D. Schank, CC - T/Sgt. Olen S. Popple
42-104237 P-38J-15-LO 38th CG-I  
42-104250 P-38J-15-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Henry K. Warwick
42-104280 P-38J-15-LO 338th CL- Lt. Horace K. Walter
42-104284 P-38J-15-LO 38th CG-  
42-104287 P-38J-15-LO 38th CG-I  
42-104306 P-38J-15-LO 38th CG- Lt. Robert M. Littlefield
42-104334 P-38J-15-LO 38th CG-K Lt. Kenneth H. Underwood
42-104396 P-38J-15-LO 338th CL- Maj. Val W. Bollwerk
42-106851 P-51B-15-NA 38th CG-1 Clobber College
43-728 L4-B HQ  "6 ⅞"  
43-6319 P-51B-5 38th CG-2 Clobber College
43-6528 P-51B-5 HQ   2-Seater Conversion
43-6928 P-51B-5 343rd CY-9 Clobber College
43-6934 P-51B-5 38th CG-11, CG-2  
43-6964 P-51B-5 38th CG-G  
43-12195 P-51B-1-NA 38th CG-1 Clobber College
43-12213 P-51B-1-NA 38th CG-P  
43-24961 P-51C-10-NT 343rd CY-A  
43-25037 P-51C-10-NT 338th CL-L "Jesie-May"  
43-25044 P-51C-10-NT 38th CG-M "East Side Rat" Capt. Cecil Watts
43-25047 P-51C-10-NT 343rd CY-10 "Old Smooth Mouth" Clobber College
43-25069 P-51C-10-NT 338th   Lt. Wallace H. Earnest
43-25071 P-51C-10-NT 38th CG-Q  
43-28273 P-38J-15-LO 338th CL- Lt. George W. Peterson
43-28279 P-38J-15-LO 38th CG-W Capt. Clair W. DesVoignes
43-28388 P-38J-15-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Karl J. Goethel
43-28455 P-38J-15-LO 343rd CY-
43-28471 P-38J-15-LO 338th CL-E Lt. Lawrence J. Berry
43-28666 P-38J-15-LO 343rd CY-S Capt. Kenneth J. Sorace
43-28713 P-38J-15-LO 343rd CY- Lt. Clair D. Porter
43-28724 P-38J-15-LO 38th CG- "Patty, LaVerne, Maxene" Lt. William C. Dubose
43-28833 P-38J-15-LO 338th CL-P "DaQuake" LtCol. John L. McGinn
43-32084 UC-78 HQ    
44-11158 P-51D-5-NT 343rd CY-M 2/Lt. Raymond L. Mull
44-11361 P-51K-1-NT 38th CG- "Abdul"  
44-11370 P-51K-1-NT 38th & 343rd CY-E "My Li'l Honey", CG-R "Wild Honey" 1/Lt. Bernard H. Howes, Capt. William B. Staggs
44-11628 P-51K-5-NT 343rd CY-H "Ho! Hue"  
44-11634 P-51K-5-NT 343rd    
44-11639 P-51K-5-NT 338th CL-L "The Grim Reaper" Lt. Robert E. Black
44-11676 P-51K-5-NT 343rd CY-I 1/Lt. Richard G. Gibbs
44-11687 P-51K-5-NT 338th CL-V "Betty Mac II" Capt. Bert McDowell Jr.
44-12136 P-51K-10-NT 338th CL-Q  
44-13343 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-G  
44-13350 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-A "Miss Velma", "Merrimack" Capt. Frank E. Birtciel, Lt. Ray G. Allen
44-13351 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-Q "Dottie Q" Lt. William J. Ingram
44-13360 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-B Lt. Donald D. Gilmore
44-13363 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-A "Bama Blitz" Lt. Gus D. Leslie
44-13368 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Lt. Jerry R. McDonald
44-13374 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-D "Julia" 1/Lt. David M. Fry
44-13549 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-A "My Ready Steady" Capt. Donald H. Snell, 1/Lt. John L. Rieder
44-13573 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-V  
44-13577 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-U 1/Lt. Robert M. Littlefield
44-13600 P-51D-5-NA 338th & 38th CL-B, CG-P  
44-13607 P-51D-5-NA HQ CL-H "Mary Bell III" LtCol. Wendell J. Kelley, T/Sgt. John N. Roma,  Cpl. William C. "Baby" Beck and Sgt. Ray J. Larko, Lt. Durwood D. Carson
44-13609 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-L 2/Lt. Howard W. Rhodes
44-13611 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-U "New Arrival" 1/Lt. Clifford C. Sherman
44-13612 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-N "Oh Murder" Lt. Richard D. Bishop, Lt. James W. Roberts
44-13614 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG- 2/Lt. John F. O'Neil
44-13618 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Capt. Jerry R. McDonald
44-13623 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-K "Skipper" 2/Lt. David G. Elliott
44-13642 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-K "Krazy Kid & Ornery" Capt. Russell C. Haworth and Lt. Leedom K. John
44-13643 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-L "Sweet Patootie" Capt. Floyd C. Lawrence, Lt. John E. McDonnell
44-13648 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY- Lt. Karl J. Goethal
44-13650 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-R Crew Chief - T/Sgt. Roger S. Fraleigh
44-13663 P-51D-5-NA 338th & 38th CL-N,  CG- "Pink" Lt. John E. Kester
44-13665 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY- Lt. James D. Brokaw
44-13668 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-I "Rocky Mt. Canary" Lt. Thomas D. Schank
44-13701 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-D 1/Lt. Edwin B. Lawrence
44-13703 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Lt. Stoddard B. Gerald
44-13723 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-T "One Musthang" Capt. Oscar B. Clifton, 1/Lt. Kenneth I. Crawford
44-13724 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY- Lt. Wayne E. Rosenoff
44-13725 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- "Georgette" Lt. John E. Bauer
44-13729 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-Y "Lucky Wabbit II" 2/Lt. John Gehrig
44-13739 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-S Lt. William E. McMillen
44-13740 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-P "Da' Quake" LtCol. John L. McGinn
44-13742 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Lt. Joseph K. Garnett
44-13743 P-51D-5-NA 338th & 38th CL-X "Skippy", CG-H Capt. William F. McGill, Lt. Stanley P. Richardson Jr., Lt. Elmer L. Mercurio
44-13744 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-A Lt. Jim R. McCutcheon
44-13747 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-I "Six Gun Pete" 1/Lt. Arthur L. Thorsen, 1/Lt. Frederick L. Sturgess
44-13749 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-X "Jeanne" Capt. Thomas B. Luckett
44-13767 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-F Lt. Kenneth W. Griffith
44-13772 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-  
44-13781 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-Z Lt. Bill Chambless
44-13784 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Lt. William P. Gebhardt
44-13789 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-S  
44-13804 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-Z "Arabel" "Spunktown" 1/Lt. Kenneth I. Crawford, Capt. Earl R. Fryer
44-13807 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-H Lt. Delbert F. Blount
44-13813 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-C  
44-13814 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-B  
44-13815 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-  
44-13818 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-B "Mah Ideel" 1/Lt. Dudley M. Amoss, 1/Lt. Samuel F. Anderson
44-13819 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-A  
44-13823 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-Y & CG-C 1/Lt. Albert M. Koenig
44-13837 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-M "Jersey Bounce", "Miss Marilyn II" Lt. William Mahoney, Lt. Richard Ozinga, Lt. Kenneth J. Mix
44-13843 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY- Lt. Maynard R. King
44-13844 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG- Capt. Robert M. Cox
44-13850 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY- Lt. Kenneth T. Williams
44-13854 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-P "Ruthie" 1/Lt. Richard F. Quinn
44-13867 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Lt. Harold B. Metcalf
44-13874 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-K "Junie-Bug II" Lt. Paul R. Porter
44-13887 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-E  
44-13888 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-W "Angel Puss" 2/Lt. Lester E. Jaklich
44-13904 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-Y Lt. James W. Hiner
44-13907 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-S Capt. William H. Lewis
44-13909 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-Y "Mom's Pride" 2/Lt. Douglas E. Mayer
44-13913 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-F  
44-13923 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-O "Big Beautiful Doll" LtCol. John D. Landers
44-13937 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-N "Miss Boomerang Margie" Capt. Lester L. Earls, Capt. David F. Jewell Jr., 1/Lt. John W, Miller
44-13954 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-P "Da' Quake" LtCol. John L. McGinn
44-13973 P-51D-5-NA 38th CG-O "Sweet Ellouise" Capt. Albert H. Woods, 1/Lt. William H. Lewis
44-14007 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-J Lt. Arthur H. McFarland
44-14014 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Lt. John R. Eskridge
44-14026 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Capt. Eugene S. Gregg Jr.
44-14028 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL-S Lt. Richard J. Keough
44-14040 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-  
44-14049 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY-J "Pretty Patty II" Lt. William H. Allen, Crew - T/Sgt. Westbrook, Sgt. Holmes & Sgt. Bandy
44-14050 P-51D-5-NA 338th CL- Lt. Samuel E. Hansard
44-14051 P-51D-5-NA 343rd CY- Lt. Joseph B. Jiorle
44-14067 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-B  
44-14068 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-C "Little Joe", "The Worry Bird" 1/Lt. Alfred E. Carr Jr., Capt. Merle M. Coons
44-14094 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG- 1/Lt. Clifford C. Sherman
44-14097 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-  
44-14112 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-A "Dottie" & "Evelyn" Capt. Hal B. Sims, CC - T/Sgt. Edgar L. Hancock
44-14121 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-Z "Mick #5" Maj. Darrell S. Cramer
44-14130 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-D, CY-I "Miss Fern Ann" Lt. Donald Gifford
44-14135 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-V Capt. Robert D. Brown
44-14136 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-W Lt. John C. White
44-14140 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-L, CY-O "Wings of the Morning" 1/Lt. Ernest E. Leon, Lt. Richard D. Bartlett, Capt. Robert E. Welch
44-14149 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-L "Sweet Pootie" Capt. Floyd C. Lawrence Jr.
44-14154 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-  
44-14155 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-E 1/Lt. John W. Silk
44-14156 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-F Maj. Sam D. Gevorkian
44-14161 P-51D-10-NA OTU CY-Z 2/Lt. William R. Watkins
44-14167 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG- 1/Lt. Huey R. Coward
44-14171 P-51D-10-NA HQ CY- 2/Lt. Richard L. Engel
44-14175 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-Q "Cherry" & "Sweet Marie II" Lt. Richard G. Gibbs & Lt. Brooks J. Liles
44-14176 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG- 1/Lt. William M. Lewis Jr.
44-14199 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-X  
44-14204 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL- "Skylark" Capt. Roy D. Miller, Lt. Robert K. Harbeck
44-14211 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-W "Harvest Moon" Capt. Harry E. Larsen
44-14223 P-51D-10-NA HQ & 338th CL-M and CL-A "Katydid" & "Evelyn" Col. Elwyn G. Righetti
44-14235 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-Y "Pinky" & "Li'l Jan" Lt. Patrick L. Moore & Lt. Grady Morris
44-14274 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG- F/O. Frank R. Russell
44-14278 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-N "Saturday Night" Lt. Walter J. Konantz, Lt. John E. Kester
44-14291 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-P "Da' Quake" LtCol. John L. McGinn, Capt. Peter Dempsey
44-14295 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-J  
44-14296 P-51D-10-NA HQ & 343rd CG-S "Tennessee Belle" & CY-I "Mardy" Maj. McCauley Clark, Lt. Thomas M. Love
44-14298 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-A "Pink" 1/Lt. Grady Morris
44-14312 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-N & CY-T "Sonny Boy" 1/Lt. Ted E. Hoffman
44-14348 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-P "Lady Val" Capt. Lt. Vincent P. Gordon
44-14358 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-P "Portland Rose" Capt. John F. Coonan
44-14376 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-T "One Musthang" 1/Lt. Albert M. Koenig
44-14379 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-W "Hiya Myrt" (L), "Hiya Mamie" (R) & "Pudgey" 2/Lt. John R. Gehrig & Lt. Marvin Satenstein,
44-14384 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-B "Li'l Pearl" Lt. Donald Mercier, Lt. Robert A. Maxwell
44-14421 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-S  
44-14442 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-N Lt. Warren E Lewis
44-14451 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-Q "Big Bitch" Maj. Donald E. Penn
44-14475 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-Q  
44-14535 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-C Lt. John Courtney, Lt. Jordan Eliades
44-14561 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-D "Miss Velma" Capt. Frank E. Birtciel
44-14580 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-Z "Ellie - My Little Six" Lt. Frank L. Tischer, Lt. John E. Finlayson
44-14586 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG- "Phyllis Jean" 1/Lt. Richard L. Lapham
44-14598 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-K "Lady Lorene" Lt. Richard C. Herbst, Lt. Robert L. Van Horn
44-14611 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-W  
44-14632 P-51D-10-NA 343rd CY-X 1/Lt. Philip Gangemi, 2/Lt. John T. Kibler Jr.
44-14664 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG- 1/Lt. Clifford C. Sherman
44-14702 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-V "Miss Donna" Lt. Paul R. Reeves, Lt. Kenneth D. Cottrell
44-14730 P-51D-10-NA 338th CL-P "Da' Quake" LtCol. John L. McGinn, Lt. Eugene H. Duquette
44-14751 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-A  
44-14800 P-51D-10-NA 38th CG-X "Blondie/Jeannie"  
44-14885 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-D "Nervous Nell" & "Dizzy Jess" & "Miss Donna" Capt. Douglas Parker, 1/Lt. Lloyd D. Boring
44-14901 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL- Capt. Clair E. Buskirk
44-14970 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-D "Claudia" Capt. Carl E. Breathwit
44-14985 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-G "Millie G" Maj. Edward B. Giller, F/O. George Nastanovitch
44-14993 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-  
44-15022 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-U "Purple Shaft" Lt. Richard I. Barrett
44-15025 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-F "Beautiful Lovenia" Capt. Robert L. Buttke, 1/Lt. Philip A. Erby
44-15060 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-H "Jill's Jalopy VI" Maj. Paul E. Hoeper, 2/Lt. George E. Eichhorn
44-15123 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-Z "Queenie" Capt. Lester F. Spiecker, 1/Lt. Dudley M. Amoss
44-15182 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-K "Princess Pat" 1/Lt. Edward H. Geary
44-15192 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-U "My Kitten" Capt. Donald M. Cummings
44-15213 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-  
44-15246 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-Y "Miss Manya" 1/Lt. Nicholas P. Bebaeff
44-15314 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-Q 1/Lt. Richard G. Gibbs
44-15323 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-M  
44-15372 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY- "Sweet Mary" 1/Lt. Donald E. Adams
44-15387 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-T  
44-15405 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-N "Sunday Morning" Lt. John E. Kester
44-15406 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-U 1/Lt. Victor P. Krambo
44-15415 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-H  
44-15421 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-Z "Squirt" Capt. Robert F. Maloney
44-15492 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-U "Huacoar", "My Gal Sal", "My Kitten" & CG-S 1/Lt. Billy Clemmons, 1/Lt John W. Cunnick III
44-15519 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-E  
44-15544 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-  
44-15547 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-S  
44-15564 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-Y Capt. John F. Coonan
44-15598 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-S

Lt. William M. Agnew Jr.

44-15600 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-B  
44-15602 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-  
44-15606 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-O "Eve" 2/Lt. Lawrence E. Beckett
44-15608 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-T "Cape Cod Express" Capt. Chester E. Coggeshall
44-15639 P-51D-15-NA 338th CL-E Lt. Robert K. Thacker
44-15701 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-G "Millie G" Maj. Edward B. Giller, Capt. Frank E. Birtciel
44-15735 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-D "Dizzy Jess" 1/Lt. Lloyd D. Boring, 1/Lt. George A. Apple
44-15737 P-51D-15-NA 38th CG-T  
44-15750 P-51D-15-NA 343rd CY-S 1/Lt. Richard G. Gibbs
44-34432 A-26B-55 38th    
44-63204 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-G "Millie G" Maj. Edward B. Giller, Lt. James J. Elwood
44-63218 P-51D-20-NA HQ   2-Seater Conversion
44-63225 P-51D-20-NA 38th & 338th CL-C "Rebel Gal", & CG-C 1/Lt. Archie S. Dargan Jr.
44-63227 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-G "Little Trixie" "Hank" Capt. Carroll D. Henry
44-63231 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-R Maj. Eugene E. Ryan
44-63242 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL- "Mary Frances" & CG-B  
44-63245 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL- "Aruba Belle" 1/Lt. Phillips Eastman Jr.
44-63287 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-W "My Jane" Lt. Francis R. Sharp, Lt. Vernon B. Tally
44-63567 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-E "My Li'l Honey" 1/Lt. Bernard H. Howes, 2/Lt. Charles R. Michaelson
44-63619 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-D "Miss Joell"  
44-63643 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-E "Nervous Nell" Capt. Douglas Parker
44-63668 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-  
44-63671 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-O  
44-63683 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-P "Ruthie K" 1/Lt. Richard F. Quinn
44-63692 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-R  
44-63727 P-51D-20-NA 338th & 38th CL-
1/Lt. Richard A. Messinger
44-63735 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-O "2nd Stretch" Lt. Herman J. Schonenberg
44-63745 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-C "My Li'l Honey" 1/Lt. Bernard H. Howes
44-63767 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-H  
44-63818 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-P  
44-64147 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-V "Kute Katie" 1/Lt. Guy E. Arnold
44-64149 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-N  
44-64159 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-H "Jill's Jalopy VII" & CY-O Maj. Paul E. Hoeper, 2/Lt. Richard K. Abel
44-70350 UC-64A HQ    
44-72057 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-O  
44-72080 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG- 1/Lt. Stanley E. Chapple
44-72123 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-G "Millie G" Maj. Edward B. Giller
44-72138 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-Z Capt. Robert E. Welch
44-72146 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-K  
44-72227 P-51D-20-NA HQ CL-M "KatyDid" Col. Elwyn G. Righetti
44-72242 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-R  
44-72264 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-L  
44-72274 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL- Lt. Joseph M. Holland
44-72296 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-P "Da Quake", "Saturday Night" LtCol. John L. McGinn, 1/Lt. Walter J. Konantz, 2/Lt. Harold J. Konantz, Col. George C. Crowell
44-72338 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-F  
44-72349 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY- 1/Lt. Daniel A. Langelier
44-72362 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-B "Li'l Pearl" 1/Lt. Jack L. Bevington, Capt. Walter Strauch
44-72365 P-51D-20-NA 343rd CY-Y  
44-72409 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG- "Lulu" 2/Lt. Donald J. Best
44-72420 P-51D-20-NA 38th CG-  
44-72469 P-51D-20-NA 343rd & HQ CY-V Col. Ben Rimerman
44-72504 P-51D-20-NA 338th CL-  
44-72778 P-51D-25-NA 38th CG-R "Wild Honey" Capt. William B. Staggs
44-72784 P-51D-25-NA 38th CG-S "Tennessee Belle" Maj. McCauley Clark
44-72814 P-51D-25-NA 338th CL-H  
44-72897 P-51D-25-NA 343rd CY-D 1/Lt. Hugh V. Wingfield Jr.
44-72945 P-51D-25-NA 338th CL-  
44-72958 P-51D-25-NA HQ CL-V "Diane" Col. Ben Rimerman
44-73012 P-51D-25-NA 343rd CY-T "Terry" 1/Lt. Clyde W. Light
44-73155 P-51D-25-NA 38th CG-A "My Achin' Back"  
44-73165 P-51D-25-NA 338th CL-  
44-73200 P-51D-25-NA 343rd CY-A 2/Lt. John R. Duxbury
44-73204 P-51D-25-NA 343rd CY-G "Millie G" Maj. Edward B. Giller
44-73264 P-51D-25-NA 343rd CY-  
44-80530 L4-J 343rd CY-  
44-85168 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85185 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85186 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85188 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85189 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85199 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85205 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85210 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85211 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85212 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
44-85213 P-80A-1-LO 38th    
W-9071 Miles Master II HQ CG-  

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