Sgt. Nicholas M. Petersen

(R. Haferkamp)

Sgt. Nicholas M. Petersen

Assigned Aircraft

Unknown at present

Notes Army Serial Number = 36361156
Radio man with the 343rd Fighter Squadron
12 April 1944 - Given special orders to transfer to Station F-159, from Station F-131.
Memories "My father was a 'radio man'. One of his stories was about being an 'experimental' communications aide to a P-38 Lightening Pilot. He said that after he got out of the cockpit after a flight, he couldn't straighten up for a number of hours. I also remember pictures of him as a radio talk show host, either in London or Leinz, Austria.

Nicholas M. Petersen was tragically injured in London and thus became a 100% disabled veteran. My father was riding a bicycle on a country road just after dusk. An ambulance was racing to a nearby tavern on the same road because of a fight. Of course as he put it, the driver of the ambulance was not allowed to use his siren or lights due to German aircraft that might be flying overhead. 
The collision that ensued, flew him into the air and when he hit the pavement he eventually skidded to a stop. He tried getting up twice and the third time a citizen was attempting to give him some wine."
(Mark Steven Petersen)

"The accident took place at 6 pm on Sunday the 1st of October 1944.  My father was sideswiped and knocked off his bicycle.  There were speeding military police and an ambulance - he was sideswiped by the ambulance."
(Ruth Haferkamp)

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