T/Sgt. David Noble

(D. Balfanz)

T/Sgt. David Noble

Assigned Aircraft

P-51D CY-N 44-14312 "Sonny Boy" (James Hoffman)
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Born on 31 December 1910, in Glasgow, Scotland.
Crew Chief for Lt. Ted E. Hoffman's P-51D CY-N 44-14312 "Sonny Boy"
Army Serial Number = 37174572
Passed away on 12 December 1970 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Additional Photo T/Sgt. David Noble sitting in the cockpit of P-51D 44-13724 (D. Balfanz)
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Memories I know little of my uncle’s experiences during the war. He died 39 years ago when I was 23 years old. I know he was proud of his service and felt a special bond with the English people. He talked many times of returning to the UK when he retired. It was not to be.
You have two photos on your website of an unknown T-SGT at a workbench. While I can’t be certain they are of David Noble, they bring back fond childhood memories of watching my uncle at his home workbench repairing my broken toys or working on his latest gadget. When I was a teenager he gave me a lapel pin of a P38. I do not know the history of the pin but retain it with my most cherished possessions. He was a gentle man and a very skilled craftsman and I am honored to share the same first name. (David Balfanz - Aug 2010)

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