T/Sgt. Walter J. Harris

(K. Esberger)

T/Sgt. Walter J. Harris

Assigned Aircraft

P-38J CY-Y (Harris in front of CY-Y) (K. Esberger)
P-51D 44-14235 CY-Y " Li'l Jan" (K. Esberger)

P-51D 44-15246 CY-Y "Miss Manya" (Harris second from right) (K. Esberger)


From Vermont.
Army Serial Number = 11038165
In D-Flight.
Crew chief for CY-Y.
24 January 1944 - Authorised to operate (start, warm-up) aircraft engines and taxi airplanes.

Passed away on 08th June 1999

Additional Photographs
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L-R: Sgt. Shrum, Sgt. Kay, Sgt. Fitz and T/Sgt. Harris (K. Esberger)
L-R: T/Sgt. Harris, Sgt. Shrum and Lt. Moore  (K. Esberger)
T/Sgt. Harris pointing to the hole where the shell went into CY-Y (K. Esberger)
T/Sgt. Walter Harris working on a P-38 (K. Esberger)

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