S/Sgt. Bernard Fow

(F Birtciel)

S/Sgt. Bernard Fow

Assigned Aircraft

P-38J CY-D 42-67872

Notes Was Capt. Frank E. Birtciel's crew chief on Frank's first tour.

'the guy tinkering around the exhaust stacks of a P-51 is Bernard Fow, who was the crew chief on my P-38, and a good one he was.  We got 79 missions on that P-38 without an abort, which was unheard of.  He was also awarded a Bronze Star.  I finished my first tour and when I returned to England for my second tour, he was crewing a 51 for the 3rd Scouting Force and I got Johnny Grodoski for my crew chief.' (Frank Birtciel)

Army Serial Number = 6997339

24 January 1944 - Authorised to start and warm-up engines

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