A. Combat (Ground Attack)
B. 16 April 1945
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. 1545
E. Lake Chiem
F. 5/10's - 3,000 ft. ceiling.
G. Blohm and Voss Ha 140's
H. one (1) Ha 140 Destroyed (Ground) Lt. Boring.
    one (1) Ha 140 Destroyed (Ground) Lt. Allen.

I. I was flying Tudor Yellow 3 until Yellow Leader had to return to home base, and then I took over Yellow flight. When driving east and south of Lake Chiem I noticed two aircraft pulled up on the beach on the south side of a small island. I called them in, and Tudor Leader said that we would look them over on the way back. When driving back out I took my wingman, Lt. Allen, and made a pass on them from west to east. I saw many strikes on the aircraft, but it did not burn. I made a second pass coming in from the south and firing a 2 to 3 second burst at it, identifying it as a Blohm and Voss Ha 140. The right engine burst into flame on this pass. Then pulling up from this pass to the right, I noticed Lt. Allen firing at the other Ha 140, which was at the right of my target. He was getting strikes all over it, and as I pulled up, it also burst into flame. I claim one Ha 140 destroyed and confirm one Ha 140 destroyed by Lt. Allen.

J. Ammunition expended - 750 rounds.

0-720758, 1st Lt., Air Corps.


I. I was flying Lt. Boring's wing when we went in on the two Ha 140's pulled up on the beach of this little island on Lake Chiem. He took the one on the left and I took the one on the right. Our first pass was from west to east and although I could see both of us getting strikes on our respective targets, neither of them started to burn. we therefore came in for a second pass on them; we both got a pretty good concentration of strikes on the a/c this time and they both burst into flames. Both of them were burning beautifully when we pulled up. I claim one Ha 140 destroyed and one Ha 140 destroyed by Lt. Boring.

J. Ammunition expended - 450 rounds.

0-834927, 2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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