A. Combat (Ground Attack)
B. 16 April 1945
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. 1545
E. Ainring Airfield, near Salzburg.
F. 5/10's - 3,000 ft. ceiling.
G. FW 190's and FW 189's.
H. One (1) FW 189 Destroyed (Ground) Capt. Walter Strauch. 0-743125
One (1) FW 190 Destroyed (Ground) 2nd Lt. Jack A. Bevington. 0-808217
One (1) FW 190 Destroyed (Ground) Capt. Chester E. Coggeshall. 0-754471 (MIA)
One (1) FW 190 Destroyed (Ground) 2nd Lt. George A. Apple 0-834930 (MIA).

I. I was flying Tudor Red 3 on the mission of 16 April. We passed over Ainring A/D in the vicinity of Salzburg. About 25 to 30 aircraft of all types were seen to be parked around the field. Red Leader, Capt. Coggeshall, decided to attack the field, so we came in to the field out of the hills to the south of it, making our pass from south to north. I saw Red Leader and his wingman, Lt. Apple, firing at 190's. I picked a FW 189 and my wingman, Lt. Bevington, chose another 190. I got a good concentration of hits on my target and saw it burst into flame. When we pulled up off the field I saw Red Leader, Capt. Coggeshall, in a shallow dive attempting a crash landing. Since I had also been hit by flak we did not attempt any further attacks on the field. However, on looking back over the field after Capt. Coggeshall had gone in, I could see that there were four distinct fires burning. I therefore claim one FW 189 destroyed by myself and confirm one FW 190 destroyed by each of the foloowing: Capt. Coggeshall, Red Leader, Lt. Apple, Red 2, and Lt. Bevington, my wingman.

J. Ammunition expended - 750 rounds.

0-743125, Capt., Air Corps.


I. I was flying Red 4 on Lt. Strauch's wing. When we came across the field from out of the south, I was trailing behind the rest of the flight. I picked out a FW 190 for my target and fired a short burst at it. The strikes were pretty well concentrated about the engine and nose of the aircraft. It had begun to smoke badly when I passed over it. I did not get a chance to look back at it since the flak was pretty heavy and our flight leader, Capt. Coggeshall, had been hit and was attempting a crash landing. However, since I came across the field last and well behind the rest of the flight, I could see that there were three fires already started on it. I therefore claim one FW 190 destroyed by myself and confirm the destruction of one FW 190 by Capt. Coggeshall, one FW 190 by Lt. Apple, and one FW 189 by Lt. Strauch.

J. Ammunition expended - 90 rounds.

Capt. Coggeshall, MIA 16 April
Lt. Apple, MIA 17 April

0-808217, 2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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