A. Combat (Ground Attack)
B. 9 April, 1945
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1650
E. Furstenfeldbruck A/D.
G. Do 217.
H. One (1) Do 217 destroyed on the ground.
I. I was flying at about 8,000 feet NW of Munich when I noticed an A/F with many Me 262's parked in revetments around the field.  There were also many other typed of aircraft scattered all over the drome. I decided to make a pass on it.  I prepared my pass so that I would go through the parking area on the west side of the field.  I hit the deck.  The first A/C which came into view was a T/E, a Do 217.  I started firing at a good range and saw a concentration of strikes around the cockpit and engine area.  The A/C began to smoke slightly but was belching smoke when I passed over it.  I turned away from the A/D not intending to make another pass because I thought I had been hit by flak.  I looked back and saw the 217 burning just rear of the cockpit.  I was alone at the time having been separated from my flight in the melee on the autobahn so I set course for home.

I claim one (1) Do 217 destroyed on the ground.

J. Ammunition expended - 480 rounds.

 1st Lt., Air Corps.


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