A. Combat.
B. 9 April, 1945.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1620.
E. Vicinity of Munich, Germany.
F. 4/10's cirrus at 24 - 27,000 feet.
G. Me 262.
H. One (1) Me 262 Destroyed (Air).
I. While we were escorting the Big Friends to Munich they flew into a small high cloud north of the city just before the I.P.  I pulled south at 24,000 to miss the cloud and stumbled across an Me 262 at 24,000 in a gentle right turn.  I observed two P-51's chasing him, so I dropped tanks and turned left hoping to cut him off.  I lost him for a minute and was about to give up when I saw him at 20,000 still being chased.  Having altitude I started chasing him south and east, staying the same distance behind him (about 1500 yards).  This went on for ten minutes with the e/a doing a very gentle left turn and losing altitude.  Finally we started back over the southern edge of Munich - the e/a at 1000 and I at 7000.  I lost him again for a minute, then discovered him making for Munich/Riem A/D.  I didn't know if he was going to land or try to drag me over some flak.  Going "balls out", I caught him at 50 feet just over the perimeter track.  He was going west to east about 100 yards to the right of the runway.  I fired several bursts and observed strikes on the left wing roots and fuselage.  I noticed his wheels were not down and his air speed was about 200 mph.  As my speed was about 450, I over-shot rapidly and pulled up.  When I looked back I saw him crash land or belly in on the field 100 yards to the right of the runway in a large cloud of dust and flying pieces.  He did not burn, which I believe was due to the fact that he was out of fuel.  The aircraft was completely wrecked.

J. Ammunition expended - 1,700 rounds (including those expended on autobahn).

 O-659459, Major, Air Corps.


While flying Major Giller's wing we encountered an Me 262.  We chased him for about 10 minutes.  As it approached Munich/Riem A/D, Major Giller fired at the e/a, and many strikes were observed.  I saw the Me 262 drop it in and crack up in a cloud of dust and flying pieces.  I confirm one Me 262 destroyed by Major Giller.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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