A. Combat.
B. 7 April 1945
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1300.
E. Vicinity of Celle, Germany.
F. 7/10ths at 4,000 feet.
G. Me109
H. One (1) Me109 destroyed.

I. I was leading Program Squadron and giving close support to my assigned box of bombers in the vicinity of Celle when a single Me109 approached the box from 8 o'clock a little high.  We were flying at 20,000 feet at the time, about 3,000 feet above the bombers.  I immediately started to head off the aircraft and give him a squirt from my guns at about 1000 yards in order to distract his attention from the big friends.  He dove under the bombers without hitting anything and I followed him, pulling in behind shortly after dropping my tanks.  I opened fire at about a 20 degree angle from astern and at a range of about 300 yards.  I gave him about a 4-second burst and observed numerous strikes on his canopy and fuselage.  As I closed to within point blank range, I pulled up and observed the Me109 spinning down out of control with smoke streaming from the plane.  As he went through the cloud layer, I followed him down, and after breaking out again I saw a parachute and took pictures of it.  There were no other E/A close enough at the time for this chute to have come from any other plane.  As a result of this combat I claim one (1) Me109 destroyed.  Other members of my flight saw the action and will verify my claim.

J. Ammunition expended - 600 rounds.

Captain - Air Corps.

I was flying Program White 4 during the above combat and witnessed the entire fight.  After Capt. Clark had scored numerous hits on the Jerry, the 109 seemed to catch on fire and spun out of control into the undercast, leaving a wake of very dense smoke behind it.  I didn't follow the 109 down to see the pilot bail, but from the condition and attitude of the plane when I last saw it I am certain that it was destroyed.  I therefore confirm Capt. Clark's claim.

ROGER B. MOOERS, 0-708740
2nd Lt. - Air Corps.


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