A. Combat
B. 24 March 1945
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. 1550.
E. 5 miles south of Soest, Germany.
G. Me 109.
H. One (1) Me109 destroyed.
I. I was leading Hellcat Yellow flight on an area support mission in the vicinity of Soest at the time of this combat.  We were flying south at 1500 feet when we spotted three Me-109's 2 o'clock to us at the same altitude flying on a course of 180 degrees.  My wingman was the only one with me at the time, so I told him to drop tanks and we started turning to the right.  On the first turn he was hit and later had to bail out.  After about the third turn I saw one of the E/A snap over on his back and begin to pull it through, but I was unable to follow any further activity on his part as one of the remaining three 109's was claiming all of my attention.  The E/A that I had seen snap over was observed going into the ground by Hellcat Blue Flight that had come to my support after a call on the R/T.  I therefore claim one Me109 destroyed as a result of this combat.
J. Ammunition expended - 150 rounds.

Captain, Air Corps.


Flying at about 3000 ft. toward the area where Capt. Spiecker and his wingman were engaged in combat with the 109's, I observed one of 109's, in an effort to evade Capt. Spiecker, snap out of a tight turn to the right.  He recovered from the snap at about 800 ft. but was unable to pull up in time and crashed into the ground exploding and burning.

ROBERT M. COX, 0-711956
Captain, Air Corps.


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