A. Combat
B. 24 March 1945
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. Approximately 1600.
E. About 5 miles south of Soest.
G. Me 109.
H. One Me 109 destroyed (Shared with Capt. Cummings).
I. At approximately 1555 Nuthouse vectored our Squadron to southern portion of our area where 15 Me 109's and 15 FW 190's were heading east.  These gaggles were not found but White 1 and 2 and myself, flying spare and having filled in White 3 in the absence of second element, spotted an Me 109 circling to right at approximately 3,000 feet in area about 5 miles south of Soest.  We were heading north at 3,000 feet.
White Leader tacked on to E/A in turn to right and overshot, as did White 2.  I came in from behind and fired from about 600 yards to 100 yards and observed strikes all over E/A.  The E/A started to burn, rolled over, the pilot bailed out and the Me 109 crashed into a field.
On return to home base I learned that White Leader also got a number of hits on the E/A.  Fir this reason, I claim one Me 109 destroyed, to be shared with Captain Cummings, who was White Leader.
J. Ammunition expended - 660 rounds.

HAROLD B. MOOERS, 0-719395
1st Lieut., Air Corps.


I was flying White 4 position in the personal encounter report described above and I can certify that I saw Captain Cummings and Lt. Mooers engage and destroy one Me 109 out of which the pilot bailed and the ship itself crashed in a field.

1st Lieut., Air Corps.


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