A. Combat
B. 24 March 1945
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. Approximately 1600.
E. About 5 miles south of Soest.
G. Me 109.
H. One Me 109 Destroyed (Shared with Lt. H.B. Mooers).
I. I was leading Hellcat Squadron on a patrol in the Soest area when Yellow Leader engaged a flight of three Me 109's.  I turned and headed north at 3,00 feet to assist him, as he was apparently having some trouble with the E/A.  when I arrived on the scene Yellow Leader was in a turn tot he right with a Me 109 on his tail.  I positioned myself behind the Jerry and commenced firing at 300 yards, observing many strikes on his canopy and wing roots.  As I closed to 50 yards, firing all the time, pieces broke off the E/A and it was smoking badly from the wing roots.  Then he began to fall off to the right so I broke up and over him.  As the 109 rolled over on its back, the pilot jumped and I saw his chute open and the E/A crash and burn.  Combat took place at 3,000 feet to the deck.  Since Lt. Mooers, White 3, also got hits on teh E/A, I claim one Me 109 destroyed, to be shared with Lt. H.B. Mooers.
J. Ammunition expended - 900 rounds.

Captain, Air Corps.


I was flying White 4 position in the personal encounter report described above and I can certify that I saw Captain Cummings and Lt. H.B. Mooers engage and destroy one Me 109 out of which the pilot bailed and the ship itself crashed in a field.

ROGER B. MOOERS, 0-708740
1st Lieut., Air Corps.


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