A. Combat.
B. 22 March 1945.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1300.
E. Schwabisch-Hall A/D.
G. Me 262.
H. One (1) Me 262 damaged (air).
I. On the mission of March 22nd we were escorting the first box of B-24's which was bombing Schwabisch-Hall A/D.  I was leading Tudor Red flight.  Just after bombs away we were bounced by 1 Me 262 without damage.  Looking back at the bombers, I saw a single 262 making a pass out of the sun from above at 8 o'clock to the bombers.  I broke left towards him, following him to the right as he went on straight and level.  The 262 pulled out from underneath the Big Friends and headed out ahead of them at about 17,000 feet.  This put the 262 and I almost head on.  I was coming in about 45 degrees to him head on and started tracking and shooting.  I followed him past 90 degrees then pulled in dead astern.  Due to his superior speed, he pulled away from me in a matter of seconds.  However, I kept firing until he was well out of range.  I estimate that my closest range was about 300 yards.  I observed a few strikes on the 262 around the tail and saw a small piece fly off.

I claim this Me 262 as damaged.

J. Ammunition expended - 930 rounds.

Captain, Air Corps


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